Crisis magazine?

Anyone ever read this? is it in line with Catholic teaching?

I haven’t read its new online incarnation. When it was in print it had a solid reputation for orthodoxy and I suspect it has continued to be so. However, the longtime editor, Deal Hudson, has cut his ties with Crisis Magazine so I can’t say for sure.

The site review at is very favorable

I always liked Crisis Magazine, and always got the print edition. I haven’t really checked out the online edition, though. At least I still get First Things.

Found the website. I like it!

Also discovered George Weigel’s review of Mary Ebestadt’s book on the website. I like that too.

I used to subscribe and it was great (back in the day of Deal Hudson)! I don’t know about now though.

It’s right on my daily tabbed sites to read, right next to the one for this website. Always good reading,

If you like this site, you’ll probably like it, too:

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