Criss Angel Anybody?

Given all the media attention he has garnered and his new show Mindfreak, I was surprised that the name of this troubling person hasn’t even been mentioned yet on CAF at all! I’ve heard about his show and read about the different episodes on Wikipedia (one of Wikipedia’s few reliable functions), and I was shocked by the contents. Not only does he do the panoply of the impossible: setting himself on fire; resting on a bed of few nails while being driven over by an SUV; and of course making random people on the street levitate, but…, he also appears to be the denomic, devil-worshipping type, with his picture featuring long-black hair, darkness, and blazes of fire in the background.

Given his resume and impossible feats he’s pulled on his show, what are everyone’s thoughts on him? To make matters more interesting, the setting of most of the shows is based in Las Vegas – the free-sinning capital of the world. One episode even claims to reveal the secret to getting whatever you could want: sex, riches, and power. This is perhaps the bluntest of ways to reveal the values of Criss Angel, but they are the popular – if latent – values of modern society nonetheless.

What are the implications, and can such power be resisted through prayer?

He seems to be a magician and illusionist in the same vain as David Blane and Houdini; I don’t see anything wrong in such performances if done for entertainment. Unless he mixes it with some religious implication, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

I’ve seen his show before, and for the most part I am convinced that most, if not all, of his stunts are staged tricks. The fact that it’s on television shows that there has to be some level of dramatization, otherwise no one would want to watch his show!

Although Criss is becoming a more popular figure, the majority of his audience doesn’t show any more support that an extremely wide and excited face after one of his tricks, so I don’t think he is steering anyone away from their faith. (The people who already do believe in his most likely had weak faiths to begin with anyway).

The Levitating Saints got nothing on this guy. :cool:

Phil P

I love his show, but I’m a fan of magic (which is not Magick, btw.) The only thing I don’t like is that I think he “cheats” by having actors play the part of his audience for a lot of the tricks… I mean “Illusions”, for all you Arrested Development fans. :slight_smile:

It’s all harmless fun either way.

Criss Angel ? My opinion of him and David Copperfield is that they really creep me out, so I don’t watch them. :nope:

I don’t watch the show, but I won’t agree with you on is appearance. I’ve been told on more tha one occasion that I’m a goth/punk. I wear a lot of black, I have dark hair, and wear things like dark make up and nail polish. It’s insulting when people have said that i must be a wiccan or a devil warshipper because I dress in a ‘goth’ style. I’m not, I just became Catholic in march, I have a vocation to become a consecrated virgin, and I consider myself very devout in my faith.
I’ve known many people who were full fledged goths and were very strong catholics.
You can’t judge a person by their appearance. I saw one episode a few weeks back of Criss Angel. He was talking about his father who is dead and he said that his dad is in a better place and pointed up, implying heaven. So, maybe he’s a Christian.

Chriss Angel is merly reflecting popular culture. (which the media is fond of twisting as child of God said) And Chriss is the latest flavor in magicians. David Cooperfield was more dramatic than ole Doug Henning who was the little hippie cutie. I remember first seeing David Blaine levitate. and was creeped out. Then my old skeptic came back out and I remembered it wasnt real, I just had to figure it out. (which I did and I notice now they are showing on utube)

But its that original thought that ohhh wow this is real, and if its real the implications were scary, that someone had control over things like that. But that was a knee jerk reaction and being a magic fan for years, I knew better.

But the “gut” was wonder and thats where magicians operate. They know we still seek the wonderful, even in this so called day of science and reason. We desire to be wowed and amazed. Which is fine for entertainment but that can blur.

And in that we leave ourselves open to being fooled, (if that was possible) :wink: I was with David Blaine, it ceased being entertainment. And I was impressed and should not have been.

i actually really enjoy watching him. its mainly entertaining.

Does anyone know how he levitates? It just seems impossible, how does he do that:confused:? Could the devil be helping him or is it actually his talent as an illusionist?

I think a lot of magicians do it. It’s some kind of illusion - someone earlier in the thread said there was a YouTube video of how David Blaine does it. Stage magic is, well, complicated trickery.

“Levitation” is a staple in stage magic, and there are certain devices used in order to make one seemingly levitate–certainly nothing supernatural about that! :smiley:

there are a million other ways as well.

for the 20 seconds you watch and are amazed, the magician has thousands of collective hours figuring out how to deceive.

in fact… do it JUST like chriss

*:Criss teaches everything you need to know about this modern day miracle; step-by-step instructions on the method, how to construct it (gimmick materials needed can be purchased locally for approximately $125) and how to perform it.

Levitate up to a chair, on an escalator, in the street, on stage, anywhere! This demonstration can be performed in close proximity to a single spectator or to an audience on stage.

Levitations can cost thousands of dollars, but now you can create Criss Angel’s version for about $250 (including cost of DVD)!*

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