‘Cristiada’ is a Passion Project for Eva Longoria Parker

Movie will feature Eduardo Verastegui and Andy Garcia! latina.com/entertainment/movies/cristiada-passion-project-eva-longoria-parker

The title of the film, Cristiada refers to the the Cristeros War in 1920s Mexico. In the rebellion, which rose up against the federal government, fighting against local militias as well as against the Mexican army.

The back story is the Mexican constitution of 1917, which nationalized religious schools, confiscated other Church properties, and restricted the rights of priests and religious groups. At first, only sporadically enforced, during the 1920s President Calle took a much harsher stance and a federal persecution began.

At first, peaceful resistance was used, including a national economic boycott. But in 1926, armed insurrection began. As noted in the article, Andy Garcia will play General Gorostieta, a general who sided with the rebels but not out of religious sentiment, in fact he tended to be anti-religious. He sided with the rebels because hated the Calle government and the reforms of the 1917 constitution, particularly those which hurt the wealthy. However, as the war progressed he became increasingly won over by the devotion of the Cristeros, and was converted into a follower of Christ.

Given the photo of Eva Longoria-Parker used in the article, I suspect that the wife of General Gorostieta may also have played a role in his conversion. :slight_smile:

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