Cristiada- new movie by the makers of Bella

Watch the trailer of this new movie. It looks pretty cool :slight_smile: Andy Garcia is set to star

I hope it is released in the UK

Wow! Looks incredible! I have not heard of this movie, or this episode in history… Thanks for posting!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I hope all of us support this movie since these people are trying hard to go against the Hollywood elite and make movies that are not offensive to Catholics and Christians in general.


Is Cristiada made by all the same people that made Bella? I looked them up to remember their company’s name… It is Metanoia Films, they want to make movies that matter, & like you said that are not offensive. I hope it’s the exact same group, & I know they will do well!

Sweet! Looks like a great movie.

I will be watching it because we seriously need to support more Catholic films out there in the media!! Plus it has Andy Garcia, Eduardo Verastegui and Bruce Greenwood!!!

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