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So I am been reading through many topics on here - what i am seeing are alot of quality responses BUT i am also seeing name calling - truth is people are posting on here to evaluate their thoughts and looking for guidance - they are not ignoring their faith but rather looking to live life within it and looking for help in doing that — name calling does not help

Can you see Jesus calling a person a jerk or ass - or you’re a real winner etc…when he/she came to him for spiritual guidance?


I haven’t seen any name calling. Did I miss something? I do see open discussions at times. Moderators would not allow real name calling. Peace.


We are a self moderating forum. Flag and report posts where poster violate the forum rules!


I’ve rarely seen any “name calling” other than on threads where a man asks if it’s okay for him to leave his wife because she gained weight.


Somebody actually called another poster an ass? I hope you flagged that post.


Sometimes a poster will say something so off-the-rails that another poster can’t restrain themselves. That doesn’t make it right, and it should be flagged. But sometimes I can understand why inappropriate comments are made.


Right, and the first person to use the word was the OP. Subsequent posters only sought to confirm the assessment he’d already made. :wink:


You have said it in your OP. Take what is good and reject or ignore what is bad. In fact you can do more - flag the post where you think it is not helpful.


I would add that if you lose sleep over anything said on an internet forum, you’re better off staying away from that forum.


You need to flag the posts where there is name calling. I have seen threads where name-calling posts were allowed to remain while posts that to me were less offensive were pulled. I speculate it’s because the less offensive posts were flagged for some reason, while nobody flagged the name-calling ones. If no one flags, the moderators may not see the offensive post.


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