Criticism of James Bond and "Dr. No?"

Does anyone know of a copy of the communiqué issued by the Vatican regarding the movie, “Dr. No?”

The Internet Movie Data Base has this entry on its trivia page for the movie: “After the film’s release in Italy, the Vatican issued a special communiqué expressing its disapproval at the film’s moral standpoint.” See,

Is this true? Is a copy of the communiqué available? It would be most helpful to me in an English translation, but the original will due as a beginning.

Thanks for any help.

Pax Christi vobiscum.


It sounds highly unlikely to me. I’ve never heard it before.

Same here… I never heard anything about the church and Dr. No.

I bet it’s that part where Dr. No has Bond tied to a sawmill, and Bond goes: “So, do you expect me to talk?”, and then Dr. No goes “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to deny the dogma of transusbtantiation.”

Wait, that was Goldfinger.


I am not sure I follow the logic of the replies so far. James Bond presents the notion that the will of the state can be served by lying, murder, and fornication, and that this is stylish. Why would this not be condemned publicly by the Church?

John Hiner

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