Critics Outraged Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal Named College Speaker

Critics Outraged Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal Named College Speaker

Critics are hammering a decision by students from Vermont’s Goddard College to choose convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal as a fall 2014 commencement speaker.

“I am outraged by the decision of the college, and I don’t think he [Abu Jamal] should have the constitutional right to express himself,” Maureen Faulkner, the widow of Abu-Jamal’s victim, told

Abu-Jamal was convicted in the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner and sentenced to death in 1982.

Though there is not a good excuse for this, it is interesting that his remarks are going to be recorded ones and that Mumia actually got a degree from this “Goddard College”. Does this change things??

He received a degree from Goddard College in 1996 while in prison and will have his pre-recorded remarks delivered to students Sunday, the college said.

Here is Mumia’s wikipedia entry, he was given his Muslim type of name back in 1968 so I’m not sure if he “converted” in prison just for the record.

Death penalty dropped

On December 7, 2011, Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams announced that prosecutors would no longer seek the death penalty for Abu-Jamal.[11] Williams said that Abu-Jamal will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole,[85] a sentence that was duly reaffirmed by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania on July 9, 2013.[86]

So I’m just saying, I’m sure there are those who would think he deserves the death penalty. In general, I would not argue for it but neither against justice.

Seeing how the students voted to hear Mumia speak and Mumia’s speech is recorded, I would think he has this right and might have something of interest to say. I am sorry for the family of the police officer he was convicted of killing. I don’t know if Mumia’s speech would be radical, it does seem he is a favorite of some to hold up and proclaim as being innocent. He does seem to be a left-wing cause.

I’ve always felt the virtual cult that has sprung up among leftists proclaiming the innocence of this unrepentant murderer to be the height of idiocy. If you read the facts of the case (meaning the actual facts and not that fabricated fairy tale his supporters spew) you really can’t draw any conclusion other than him being a horrible, evil, cowardly killer. The fact that so many college students have been blinded by the liberal fanatics trying to paint him as a wrongly-convicted martyr is disgusting. When it comes to violations of logic and common sense, his supporters are no different than Holocaust deniers.

I concur.

I would rather that Officer Faulkner’s widow speak and share what impact the loss of her husband has had on their family. That is what the graduates need to hear. How sad that the college is defending this choice.


Agreed. The speaker has a “right” to speak but having a convicted murderer speak is highly insensitive to the victim’s family.

And I wonder how I’d feel as a parent of one of the graduates; what I would think of the college my child was graduating from.

By the way, Goddard College is not considered a world-class institution.

Here’s their website:

And a general description of their program:

I notice that they have a “low-residency” program where you only have to appear on campus for eight days, combined with 16 weeks of “independent work and self-reflection.” Not as impressive as a four-year program in chemical engineering.

And some people commented on the radio the other night that it’s considered a “special needs” college, for students who have issues.


Wow, I haven’t heard about Mumia in a very long time. All the leftists used to hold him up as some sort of martyr. I remember reading a bit about what happened and it didn’t seem like he was innocent. I was always a bit baffled about it figuring maybe I missed something.

There are a number of “Mumia myths” (that he’s innocent) but they have been discredited.

Rebuttals to the “Mumia myths” from the victim’s tribute site:

Also there are reactions to recent events including from the victim’s widow and police officers. They are not pleased:

That’s a lot of info haha.

Has there ever been a prisoner invited to speak to college grads? What could he possible say that will inspire them? I’m glad they dropped the death penalty but he is still guilty.

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