Critics Urge Pope to Lift Birth Control Ban

ROME (July 25) - More than 50 dissident Catholic groups published an unusually frank open letter to Pope Benedict on Friday saying the Church’s ban on contraception has been “catastrophic” and urging him to lift it.
The letter was published as a paid half-page advertisement in Corriere della Sera, Italy’s largest newspaper, on the 40th anniversary of the late Pope Paul VI’s controversial encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” which enshrined the ban.

Please read the full article and vote in the poll it is linked to.

50 million abortions, an estimated 250 million killed by the pill and they want the Church to lift it? Get real.

These groups are “protesting” against the Catholic Churches Teachings. Does this them them “protestants”?

protestants as in protesters?

Protestants as in those that are not in union with Catholic Church teachings?

Just like many on the Radical Traditionalist side, the on the Radical Progressive side ceased to be Catholic long ago.

This is very sad, but I am reassured that The Church will stand firm in this. Many teenage girls go to clinics and get birth control pills, telling their parents and the doctor that it’s because of “heavy periods.” It’s a cultural sickness and must be stopped.

Scroll down and look at some of the comments. Talking about intolerance and hate from the same ones who preach tolerance and love. WOW. :frowning:

The church SHOULD lift the ban on methods that involve either a) surgery or b) do not constitute an abortifcant (i.e. physical barriers). The blanket ban on all forms of birth control except for the ridiculous non-working NFP is an unnecessry burden on Catholic families.

Why the urgency to " lift the ban". What good would it do? The article makes it sound like “Most” Catholics don’t practice their faith anyway. There is a deeper issue here.The protesters should at least be honest with themselves. One of the groups is a Pro Gay group, just curious but why would couples who have no chance of naturally bringing forth children care about contraception? There is a deeper issue here.

I find it interesting that the poll (unscientific) doesn’t include “definitely not”. At least 81% voted “probably not”, so it seems most people are not foolish enough to think the Church is going to reverse stream on this.

Why is it that, according to the article, most catholics use contraception and “feel” that they are not sinning, yet they want the church to lift the ban? Is it because they know deep down that they are doing something sinful?

But what’s really laughable is that they think Pope Benedict, he of the Motu Propio and the return of kneeling during Papal Masses, is going to turn around and say, " Hey, you know, these folks have a point. Let’s lift the ban." Yeah, that’s gonna to happen.:rolleyes:

Right on MHalsey…You said it better than I did.

The church SHOULD lift the ban

Despite the fact that it would make life far easier for a lot of Catholics, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the Church to “lift the ban” on artificial contraception.

By doing so the Church would lose credibility. If they change this, then how can it be said that the Church never changes doctrine?

The Church is charged with the duty of preserving and protecting the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Never in the history of the entire Church has one Pope contradicted the teachings of one of his predecessors.

The teachings of Humane Vitae will stand for all time, no matter how many people complain. The Holy Spirit has spoken.

Strange how it seems to be hard for some to leave the big choices up to God and His will.

Look surgery is not forbidden for true medical reasons. The reason just can not be for birth"control". Funny how the word control can be added to self & birth.

Because contraception, abortion, premarital sex, homosexuality, divorce, etc. are all tied together. If you allow one, then there is a logical progression to the rest. But contraception is the linchpin.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s been a long time since I read it, but I think this is explained in HV.

I like the poll question *“Critics called the Vatican’s ban on birth control “catastrophic.” What do you think?” *

What does that mean? Sure, I guess you could say I feel it is “catastrophic,” but probably not catastrophic.

As far as:

It is clear to us that the Catholic church cannot move forward until it honestly confronts the paradox of Humanae Vitae," the letter said.

“Most Catholics use modern contraceptives, believe it is a moral choice to do so and consider themselves Catholics in good standing, yet the Catholic hierarchy completely denies this reality, forcing the clergy into silence on this and most other issues related to sexuality,” it said.

I would contend that, the solution to this apparent paradox regarding the Church’s stand on what is right and wrong is that its view of morality is dependant on what its members actually do. If anything Christianity contends that its members can and will violate it’s morality. What is important is how members are supposed to deal with that.

I wonder if God believes children are a burden.

The Church has no authority to change Jesus’ teachings. Why do people think it does?

Well, this would just be par for the course. The church has changed doctrines many times.

Will you list these for me please.

I would be a bit weary of a refinement of its postion on other methods of birth control that were there was not exactly clearity either way if it should be permissable or not. If the exact reasoning of its stance was well understood, then I’d be more apt to give it some leeway, but you don’t want people are thinking its making its refinement for the wrong reasons that it is trying apology against.


[quote=buffalo]Will you list these for me please.

Ditto, thank you.

So how do you propose that they should change that which is immutable?

The deposit of the Faith is there to be safeguarded by the Church not tampered with.

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