Cross at home


I am not sure in which forum to post this, and I will just simply post the question because explaining why the question came up would get too complicated (I may do so if necessary).

The question is:
Is there, from the Church, an regulation that one HAS TO have a cross on the wall at home??


No, Kathrin, there is no such regulation or requirement.


thank you for answering


We have a Crucifix at the end of a hall. For a long time (more than 30 years) I was going through the motions as a Catholic. I have walked by that Crucifix thousands of times and not noticed it. In the past year I have went through a spiritual renewal, and my prayer life has deepened. Now that I am praying regularly I rarely walk by that Crucifix without seeing Jesus and thanking Him for the sacrifice He made.


Just to make this clear, the question was not, is it GOOD to have one, which of course it is, the question was just whether there was a Church regulation that it is obligatory for a Catholic.


While it’s not obligatory, I have a crucifix in every room in my house.


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