Cross Catholic Outreach & Box of Joy Program


I am interested to know if the Cross Catholic Outreach and their Box of Joy program are supported by the Catholic Church and if they are truly Catholic. In site beyond what their website provides would be appreciated. Thank you.


It appears that they are supported by the Church ,


His Eminence Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien, – Patron
Grand Master, Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
Most Rev. Thomas J. Rodi – Chairman
Archbishop of Mobile
Mr. James J. Cavnar – Director
President of Cross Catholic Outreach
Most. Rev. Robert J. Carlson – Director
Archbishop of St. Louis
Most Rev. Ronald W. Gainer – Director
Bishop of Harrisburg
Most Rev. Richard J. Garcia – Director
Bishop of Monterey
Most Rev. Martin Holley – Director
Bishop of Memphis
Most Rev. Alfred A. Schlert – Director
Bishop of Allentown


We had a representative of theirs come and speak at our Church once.


Cross International

Cross Catholic

The same group who works with non-Catholics under one name and Catholics under another name. The Catholic umbrella is supported by some Catholics.

It is not official in the way that Catholic Charities or various Diocesan outreach groups are official.

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