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I work in an office type setting and have been thinking lately about putting a cross up on the wall in my office for strength and so that others know that I am Catholic. Looking for advice from people of have thought of doing or have done the same…


Does your work have any prohabition against it or are people allowed to put up whatever they want? Do customer or clients come into your office? If so, I would understand if the company were against it - not wanting to offend non-Christians. Maybe you should ask your boss first?


Are my rights protected under Freedom of Religon, or can an employer legally say that a cross can not be displayed?


He can legally forbid the dispaly of all religigious items. What he cant do is allow some and not others. Best bet is to ask him.


If you really want people to know that you are a Catholic I would suggest a crucifix instead of a cross.:slight_smile: But definitly check with your boss first.


Agreed - ask your boss. You don’t pay “rent” for your office space - it’s just yours to use while you do your job - so if the company policy is nothing religious… so be it.

Besides, the BEST display of your faith is the way you conduct yourself. :thumbsup:


Amen. And, if you display a cross, be sure you conduct yourself impeccibly!:gopray: :angel1: :getholy: :gopray2: :crossrc:


I’ve got a cross a Divine Mercy prayer card and a religious calendar displayed in my office. No one has said anything about removing these items from it. I also displayed a cross in my previous big telecom company that was soo politically correct that made me noxious and again no one complained about it. I like to assume that once they see these items they know where I stand. Just do it.


Let’s see - in my office area I have the following:
*]Bumpersticker that says
*]A little pin dish with the only family on it - sort of cutsie looking, it was a gift from a co-worker
*]The monthly prayer topics from the Holy Father
*]Prayer cards with St. Ignatius on them[/LIST]That’s all I can remember right now - I’m working from home today due to this nasty cold. :tissues:

I say go for it - if someone complains, then take it down. Or ask first. Either way, I wouldn’t NOT do it.



Good for you!!
I too do the same. I have a crucifix on the wall, plus one Divine Mercy on the side of my computer monitor, one on my desk and one on the wall. In addition to that, I have many Bible quotes on my desk and on the wall. My backup computer has the religious slide show as my screen savers. So Jesus, Mary, JPII, different cathedrals, the Holy Eucharist on the Monstrance, Archangels, my church pictures, etc… take turns to pop up!!

And my rosary is always on my desk. I literally announce to everyone that I am Catholic!! And yes, I do my best to honor my behavior as a Catholic.


I agree:)

Definitely a crucifix if you want them to know (or have a good guess;) ), that you are a Catholic Christian. A cross if you just want people to know you are a Christian.


I have pictures of St. Thomas More, St. John Fisher, St. Phillip Howard and Blessed Giorgio Frassati on the wall. I have an icon of St. Michael and a wooden statue of Mary (carved in Africa) on the desk. I’m looking for a small desk crucifix to add to it.


Is it your own office (home sweet cubicle) or a shared office? does you company have a policy about it? do others display religious art or worse, offensive “art” such as calendars without repercussions? If you want to send out a message at work “I am Catholic and will conduct not only my personal but my business life on those principles” make sure you actually do so. It is very embarrassing for instance in a place like one of our clients, where workers play the Christian music station all day, they also swear like sailors, gossip and back-stab as if their promotion depended on it.


IT of course would depend on company policy. However I remember a Catholic Doctor here had a nearly 2 1/2 foot long Crucifix on the wall of his office. As you walked in you looked directly at it.


The doctors waiting room where I used to take my dad had a banner about four feet long on one wall.



I wear a Crucifix ring and a Sacred Heart ring, have ST. Josemaria’s “The Way”, and a Mother Teresa prayer card and a small crucifix in my workspace (I am a jewelry salesman) which I share with another coworker. these items are viewable by my co-workers, but not customers. I have found that as long as I do my best to live out my beliefs, and defend my ethics by them, no one objects. and I certainly do not force anything on anyone.


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