Cross on summit of Carrauntoohil, Ireland, cut down


*A metal cross on the top of Carrauntoohil in Co Kerry – Ireland’s highest mountain – has been cut down, apparently with the aid of an angle grinder.
Mountain climbers found the cross a number of feet westwards from its base, towards a steep drop on the mountainside, during a climb this afternoon.

Mr Culloty said Christianity and Catholicism was the religion of the majority of the people and references to it were enshrined in the Constitution.
But he claimed both the Taoiseach and the President had last Christmas made speeches without reference to God, making it “very clear what is coming down the tracks”. This he explained was a reference to the State moving away from its Christian ethos and people having “to give up everything in an attempt to become secular”.
He said he saw the removal of the cross as part of a drive to “allow what is not normal and to become normal”. He said he meant abortion, gay marriage and “assisted dying” as issues which were not normal.*


I take it that Mr Culloty is not noted for a tendency to understatement?


Keep ireland in the prayers people.
Over here in ireland we ARE facing abortion threat, gay marriages, lapsed catholicism, new age,
God is in our constitution, but, God’s laws are being attacked…


My God, Ireland, what is happening to you?

You’re in my prayers, as always… :slight_smile:


This guy needs to be recalled, by whatever is left in Ireland of any vestige of Christianity.

Very alarming to say the least! :knight1::knight1:


Irish monasticism throughout the centuries has been so inspiring to me - really was God’s country there for awhile. It’s like they’ve put down the cross of Anglo-domination and picked up the Euro-secular one…


Precisely, that’s it in a nutshell. Enda Kenny is the EU’s head stooge, anything they ask/want they get.

It’s like a school boy getting a gold star on his copy book each month, from the EU. Abortion was introduced for the first time, in Ireland, last year, a same sex marriage referendum has been set for next year, attempts to secularise primary schools - *with a particular focus on how primary schools can make all children feel included and involved regardless of their cultural and religious background * - closing the Irish embassy at the Vatican (which thankfully was reopened again recently), etc., etc…


Ok, well, if there is one thing the (Catholic) Irish know how to do, it’s fight, however long as necessary. :wink: Hang in there.


He’s Irish, you’re being redundant :stuck_out_tongue:


St. Patrick, please report for duty. Ireland needs you.


The English were a wee bit unkind to the Irish.


Vandalism is such an elegant display of intellectualism. :rolleyes:

My guess: The vandals must be sure they have a judge in place to block the repair, and resurrection of that cross - or they might fear people building an even bigger, better one.

Their making headlines with their cowardly little act of destruction may redound against them too. Them taking down the cross just reminded me to take UP mine.

So the intolerant little sneak despoilers have now been unwitting evangelists – as frosting atop their failure cake. :cake:

Maybe THIS cross could be carried by Irish crowds the next time they march against abortion or one of the other secular mandates being rammed through by their government to please the EU. Call it the “intolerance cross” to remind less illuminated people of the kinds of destructive people whom they otherwise might be considering supporting. Have the cross visit the Catholic Schools, be carried by crowds, etc. Put up a bigger better cross or crucifix on the summit.


I think this has been posted elsewhere but it’s great - Pope speaking to the EU Parliament.

“My visit comes more than a quarter of a century after that of Pope John Paul II,” he said. “Since then, much has changed throughout Europe and the world as a whole … Despite a larger and stronger Union, Europe seems to give the impression of being somewhat elderly and haggard.”

Offering “a message of hope in the Lord, who turns evil into good and death into life,” Pope Francis noted that at the heart of efforts toward European unity after World War II was “confidence in man, not so much as a citizen or an economic agent, but in man, in men and women as persons endowed with transcendent dignity.”

“This is an important and praiseworthy commitment, since there are still too many situations in which human beings are treated as objects whose conception, configuration and utility can be programmed, and who can then be discarded when no longer useful, due to weakness, illness or old age,” the Pope continued.

“In the end, what kind of dignity is there without the possibility of freely expressing one’s thought or professing one’s religious faith?” he added. “What dignity can there be without a clear juridical framework which limits the rule of force and enables the rule of law to prevail over the power of tyranny? … Promoting the dignity of the person means recognizing that he or she possesses inalienable rights which no one may take away arbitrarily, much less for the sake of economic interests.”

There’s a lot more - I just pulled the first several paragraphs:


I agree, it was so needed.

Let’s hope the EU and Enda Kenny listens and takes note!


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