Crossing over reality


Hi was watching Discovery Channel a Haunting (Hope this is the right spot to post this ?)

anyway the business of the dead not knowing that they are dead and need a channeler to tell them what to do. How to cross over to the light. :rolleyes:

I was wondering what the Catholic take on this is? Was also wondering if this took off to its own world, from the idea of Catholics praying for the dead?


I don’t know what the official Catholic take on it is, but the word that I use to describe it cannot be printed here since this is a family friendly website. :smiley:


Necromancy comes to mind which is forbidden.

Look, I think God will make it abundantly clear to us via His judgment of our souls that we are dead.


Necromancy is ?

Oh Im sure God has it all taken care of, I agree. I was just wondering where these people get the idea. I know its not Aunt Flo they are talking to. OR its a hucksuckler like John Edwards who is a excellent study of human reaction and can judge quickly responses to steer people to think he knows.

But still this whole Oh the soul is lost and cant find its way home, I wonder if its a misunderstanding of pehaps the praying for dead, or pergotory or something like that. ??


Necromancy: divination by alleged communication with the dead; sorcery.


thanks Nita

I was kind of thinking something along those lines just havent heard that term.


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