Crossing the tiber?

Ok, I’m going to display my ignorance with this one but this is the fastest way I know of to get answers.

What does “crossing the tiber” mean?

I know that’s what you converts call coming into the catholic church but what is it literally referring to?

Why do you use this expression?

Where did it come from?

It’s the river that flows through Rome right passed the Vatican

Swimming it is like crossing over to Rome. Hope that helps! :thumbsup:

The Tiber is a river in Rome so “crossing the Tiber” means coming into the Church of Rome. I’ve also seen people refer to themselves as being on the Tiber Swim Team.

I have no idea where the expression started.

Thank you. I had no idea. I should have googled the word.

“Oh Tiber, Father Tiber,
To whom the Romans pray;
A Roman’s life, a Roman’s arms,
Take thou in charge this day.”

And no, I’m not claiming that Catholics pray to the river Tiber. I’m quoting Macaulay.


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