Crossroads singles in Buffalo, NY area


Can anyone help?
*There is a catholic singles group, in the Buffalo, NY area, called “Crossroads;” but if you live in the country part of the diosease, it is almost impossible to find out how to get in touch with them. *
So, does anyone know if crossroads is still around or if there is another group like them?
*Not a **young *adult group.
You may PM, me.

  • Danny*


Hey Danny - I just had to give a shot out - I’m a fellow Western New Yorker. I never heard of Crossroads.

If you find this group - please let me know.

My whole family is in Buffalo and they want me to move back home, but I’m hanging on to the faith the Lord has given me with someone special down here in Florida.

Take Care
God Bless


Someone sent me a phone number, by PM, right after I started this post. I haven’t had time to call yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post my results.



Danny, I am a member of Ceossroads, the group you were asking about. I am a cofacilitator of it's "Dining Out' club.
If you are interested in receiving our online bulletin, I will forward one to you.
My addy is [email][/email] and my name is Sharon. Hoping to hear from you.



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