I'll get right to the point. I had a girlfriend for about 2 years and then we split up (personal reasons). We're thinking about getting back together now though. The thing is, she's Protestant and knows she needs to convert for us to get married, though she shows no external interest in Catholicism (however, she does pray and is more modest than most). The biggest obstacle for her is that Catholics can't use contraception. I'm afraid if we do get married in a few years, she'll convert because of me and not for love of God. So i'm not sure if getting back together with her would be the best thing, though I love her dearly.

But here's where it gets tricky. I recently met a girl who's Catholic, lives her faith openly, regularly goes to confession, wants a big family, and is modest. The word to describe her spiritual life would probably be "healthy". And she's not one of those wierd over the top "religious people". She has an outgoing personality, is beautiful and could be in the "popular crowd" if she wished. It really opened my eyes because I've never met a girl like that. So now i'm wondering if I should try to find a woman like that (not necessarily her), or get back together with my ex whom I love, but shows no signs of loving the Catholic faith. I'm at a point in my life where I want to settle down and have a family.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Yes, you should look for a spouse with whom you share your faith and values. A "girl like that." It would be unwise to go back with someone with whom you've already determined there to be major obstacles.


Think about your future children. Who would you trust their souls with more to serve in the role of mother?

I married a convert, but that was because she didn't object to any Church teaching and was initiated a year before we were married. Do not marry someone on the hope that they will convert later. Either ask her to convert now, before you are married, or accept that she never will, and also accept the consequences therein.

Personally, it sound like choice #1 had her chance and blew it. Don't forget that.


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