Every year our work publishes a crossword competition. I knew all the answers except a couple. So I got them from my friend Google! Now nowhere in the rules does it say you must not use the internet. It’s just fun right ? It’s also learning! When I emailed my answers I admitted to using google for a couple of answers! Anyway I won an iPad. My scrupulously is making me feel guilty though. Should I feel bad ?

Sounds like you met all the requirements to win - you were honest - not like they don’t know you used google you told them and they were ok with it - if there was a problem with that you would not of won. Let it go and enjoy your prize.


If the rules don’t forbid using any sort of reference, don’t sweat it.

Remember, before Google, you could purchase crossword dictionaries and such. You probably still can. People have used aides for crossword clues for nearly as long as there have been crosswords.

Oh! And congratulations on your iPad! :slight_smile:

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God Bless you and Thanks

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