Crucifix and Medal on same chain


Is it proper to wear a crucifix and medal such as the miraculous medal on the same chain? I have heard from when I was young that it was not proper and I needed to put something between the crucifix and any medal…I did not know if this was a superstition or a real Catholic rule or tradition. Any one have any idea?


you seriously do not believe there is a rule about this do you?


I’ve never heard of any such rule but perhaps it’s just a train of thought - out of respect for the Crucifix. I used to have a Crucifix, Holy Face Medal and Miraculous Medal. I lost my Holy Face Medal (I believe) in - of all places - the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, while touching them to the spot where Our Lord was born. I know I had it before then anyway. Since then, I’d wear Miraculous Medal (since lost) and currently a St. Benedict Medal with my Crucifix. I sure would welcome a cleric who might clarify the answer to this question though.


Thanks for the thought…maybe we can find a definitive answer out there. My next purchase will be a miraculous medal.


We do get the most interesting questions on CAF. It would never have occurred to me that it was improper to wear a medal on the same chain as a Crucifix.

I have for a long time worn my Holy Face Cross on the same chain as my St. Benedict medal.

I am eagerly awaiting a definitive answer to this most intriguing question.

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Why would it be improer to be on the same chain?


I’m not a cleric, but I do konw that I wear a scapular with a St. Benedict medal attached to it and a crucifix attached to the other string. It comes this way… I like it. And wear it 24/7…showers excluded… I got tire of the soaky wet cloth and realized I was being scrupulous or superstitious by thinking I shouldn’t take it off even for showers. I also wear a San Domiano Cross most of the time and interchange that with my Benedictine medal embeded in a Crucifix. I’m a walking sacramental… I carry several Saint medals with me and give them out to people here and there.

I’m not bragging…I’m making fun of myself. I love sacramentals. I missed them when I was absent from Catholicism.


The definitive answer is that there is no such a stupid rule.
I wear my crucifix and miraculous medal on the same chain and had them blessed by the priest like that.


:amen: - why would anyone in the Church even think to give a ‘definitive’ answer on something that positively should never even raise a question?

God created us with brains and He and the Church surely expect that a sane person can come up with the correct answer on their own on such an issue.

Here’s a hint - if it mattered it would be in an official document, and moreover one which was frequently referred to and well quoted enough that many people would know of it. I’d be willing to make a substantial bet that it isn’t.


LilyM and Thistle,

What do you hope to accomplish by calling people “stupid” or “brainless.”

eucharisteo, thank you. Loved your answer because we all knew from the beginning that there was no merit to the question.

Just a bit of fun for those of us stupid and brainless people.

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I would not consider it wrong to wear both on the same chain but don’t because I feel it more respectful to wear my crucifix on a separate chain and above the medals I choose to wear.
I think it is really a personal thing.


Thanks I feel that this is probably what the ediquette is leaning to… but I will find out from my Pastor as well and I’ll keep everyone posted.


Its a pity you don’t have the coutesy to read our posts properly before making comments. Neither Lily nor I said the OP was brainless or stupid.
I said there is no such a stupid rule. I did not refer to the OP as stupid.
Next time read and think before you post.


When I asked this question I remembered why I really do not enjoy much the whoole blog thread game. When I was young the people whom told me this were very spiritual and very holy and would not say it with so much conviction if there was not some sort of tradition, my aplogies to the professionals out there…me being of such little knowledge and faith, I felt that if I asked on a nice Catholic website someone might have a civil answer if there was a doctrine or rule (forgive my use of language) on placing a medal with a Crucifix. Instead of small replies and rediculous remarks I think I’ll not post anymore on this topic… sorry to stir up your precious blogging for I don’t dig remarks that really go astray…especially from puzzlannie and thistle I guess you guys are in line for the next Pontiff huh?



Please don’t stop posting on CAF because if you do you will miss much enlightenment.

It is not all petty and holier-than-thou. I also should not have refered to your question as not bearing merit.

I still do not understand why you would be so concerned about wearing your Crucifix and medal on the same chain, but if you are, why don’t you just wear two chains and put your Crucifix on its own chain and your medals on the other.

But, all in all, I think your Priest will tell you what, for the most part, we have said. There is no problem with wearing your Crucifix and medals on the same chain. It is the underlying piety that Our Lord cares about.

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Thistle, I read both your posts and I did not say that you called the OP stupid and brainless; but you did use those words in your postings first saying there was no such “stupid” rule; could you possibly have just said you knew of no such rule. By saying “stupid rule” you certainly were implying that someone was stupid.

Also, Lily M, you did say that God gave us “brains” and a “sane” person should have been able to come up with the answer on his own. What does that imply?

:shrug: :frowning:


Stop saying things which are not true and please don’t think you know the mind of Lily or myself. Only God knows that or do you now equate yourself to God. Is that what you are implying???

Smart people say, ask and do stupid things but it doesn’t mean the people are stupid. I repeat I did not say or imply the OP was stupid.


Unfortunately for the gang out there I wanted to engage in a normal correspondance nothing too harmful if you see from my posts, I just wanted to throw it out there, if you come from where I do this happened to be a topic of many decades for people whose superstitions ruled them and not Catholic tradition nor catechism, obviously not doctrine…I was not losing sleep over my chains guys and girls. I see what happens in some peoples minds though…looks like we got us a beginner here lets educate her or him. I’m quite grounded in my faith. If this is enlightenment I do not want to see what being judgemental is! For a first time poster did I feel welcome by some of you?? Praise God for p.c.'s where we can hide…MULLNPM thanks for the response I greatly appreciate it. I will post again but rest assured some are holier than thou. I’ll be in confession for my frustration how bout you all?


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