Crucifix at the Salamanca Cathedral, Spain

Crucifix at the Salamanca Cathedral, Spain.

Christus vincit, regnat, imperat


Beautiful… :heart:

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I love it.

But look at how he glares at us XD

Reminds me of the Icon of Christ Enthroned I have on my wall above my altar desk for prayer. I look up sometimes as I pray and he looks down at me like I’ve messed up (and I have). Haha.

That is amazing. I was ready for some kind of resurrefix, but when I saw his eyes I was transfixed.

I would like to learn more about who made it, when it was commissioned, history behind it.

It is very dramatic. I love the crown, a unique touch, as well as the four figures around the cross. Who are they? Two angels, two thieves? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, Jesus has got some ripped abs! Second only to the Korean Jesus, his Last Supper was Pure Protein!

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