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I am looking to get a nice crucifix necklace. I was wondering if you all could give me suggestions for stores that have crucifix necklaces. It seems that most places only have crosses and not crucifixes. The only place I can think of is the EWTN religious catalogue. They do have some nice crucifixes; I just wanted to see if there are any other options.

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I find their website hard to use, but they will send you a catalog very quickly!

Isn’t it sad that most ‘Christian’ stores have very little that is Catholic? I’ve experienced this with bookstores, ‘religious goods’ stores, and the like. However, I have found that book/gift shops at cathedrals or other churches (I know these aren’t common, and it all depends on the size/location of the church) often have some very good items in them, and hopefully you can find a priest easily enough to bless your necklace for you!

There’s a pretty big difference between a Catholic store and a Christian store. I go to a Christian store when I want to buy an album or DVD of Gaither Homecomings, but other than that…I go to Catholic Supply in St. Louis or Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville IL. Here’s Catholic Supply’s page of crosses and crucifixes. Maybe you’ll see something you like here.

You might look at Abbey Press too. They have nice catalogs but I haven’t gotten one in a while.

I actually found a lovely Irish Crucifix at an Irish shop near me. Planning to have it blessed by my priest. I think I have seen some rather lovely ones at Dept. Stores…but it is a bit hit or miss.

I got mine at a convent near Salem. And for only $7. Score!

Those are all good and I also like

Do a Google search for Catholic jewelry - then go from there! Look also on eBay, you can find some lovely things there as well.

~Liza has a big selection of crucifix necklaces. i got my St. Benedict crucifix from there.

As a note…crucifixes are wonderful, but I’d be careful wearing one if you work around a immigrant population. Crucifixion is still in practice today in some African, Asian, south American and even some middle-American countries. It can be more than “offensive” to someone who has seen their child/mother/father/husband/wife killed that way.

Surprisingly, I have seen lovely gold crucifix necklaces in stores like Jared and also independent jewelry stores. Ask to see their special order catalogue - most of them have a couple of them with at least a couple of pages of very nice religious jewelry.


I’ve seen crucifixes, miraculous medals and St. Christopher medals in the fine jewelry section of department stores like Penney’s too. You might even check the jewelry cases at Wal-mart.

What do mean by “nice”? Many fine jewelry stores have them or can order them for you .

I’ve found some interesting and unique crucifixes from these retailers:
Bills Beads
Gardens of Grace
Catholic Rosary Parts
Rosary Workshop

I believe they all offer crucifixes and medals recast from vintage and antique pieces, at a reasonable price. I know they all offer outstanding customer service, and they have pieces available in sterling silver and my favorite metal, bronze!! Since bronze chain is hard to find I simply strung my pieces on cord knotted with a few beads. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them with most people noting how unusual they were.

Rosary Workshop in particular has the most amazing medals, like these:

St. Anne
The Eucharist
The Virgin of Charity

There are lots more medals and crucifixes!

I get stuff from several different places. try lewis & company they supply rosary parts and have hundreds of crucifix’s. also leafle missal has a big selection of everything catholic. I also get a catalog from the marian helpers. Internet Padre has a huge data base of catholic places and you can download a tool bar that has tabs labeled, “shopping”, Catholic links", “Blogs”, and others. If you are in Southern Oregon there is a store in the town of Rogue River called The Dove. It is the only place to get Catholic things for hundreds of miles in any direction. The area code is 541, but I don’t have the number handy. The lady that runs it is named Louise, and she does it out of love, she has not taken a salary since it opened in 1973! Hope this helps.

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