Life to any reasonable man is not good. In the U.S.A. it might be good i. e. ‘anyone who works hard can live well.’ But I personally do not work hard, but if I did I would feel more accomplished and find satisfaction in that alone, never happiness.

I believe Christ was the Son of God, and also as he called himself the Son of Man, does this mean God is Man?

I do not, just as Peter, ever wish harm to come to anything innocent are wise or even wicked for that matter. We cannot use the word innocent and Christ together. A child is innocent, but Christ new all, and as he knew all, he new himself and his reason; and the reason of all. Even if a person is riddled with the greatest stench of iniquity I would still never wish them eternal hell, simply because Christ tells me to wish that all know the truth and be prayed for and kept from evil.

I am sorry in many ways because I know I will come across much trouble in my end. I am sorry simply because I think I deserve suffering for my sins, what I mean is that I do not deserve baptism with water but with fire as spoken of in Mathew.

The people who adorned Christ in his day, were maybe lovers of wisdom, and had the sense in themselves to know that in reality they knew little. What I am saying is that I believe in Christ, but am not eager to simply except what happened to him as my salvation, but that I must, as He said, drink his blood and eat his flesh to know him better and better which is at the bosom of all Christian faith.

I do also believe more in the sheep and their Sheppard more than I believe in anything I ever did in all my life nor will ever do; completely superficial is whether or not I am a sheep.

The Crucifixion is not open and shut. It is said that in those final days, Christians will be accused for Christ name sake. This is very contradictory considering the great knowledge of Christianity among many people all around the world. It almost seems that what Christ might have meant was, “They will accuse you in my name.” i. e. ‘call themselves Christians’

Christ has made it abundantly clear that mankind will do himself in with conflict and war in those end times, just as he said; And somehow all of his symbolic, metaphoric, and concrete words concerning that time will make as Daniel said, ‘Knowledge increase.’

I personally am scared, as even the two witnesses, gods prophets none the less, are clothe in Sackcloth. And if these two witness are the ‘elect’ spoken of by Christ, than that is even more grim. But it is in my nature to be grim, if you haven’t noticed. But I hope much for better things for all people after the tribulations, as I do not say ‘he is evil’, but ‘he does evil’, and I do not say ‘he is offending’, but ‘he does something offensive.’

God bless all!:gopray2:


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