Crucifix's in Sanctuary

Isn’t there a section of Canon law that requires that a Crucifix be given a place of prominence in the sanctuary, and that a cross displaying the 'risen Christ" is prohibited.

Yes, your will find wording to the effect that a cross with a figure of the crucified Christ on it is to be persent on or near the altar for Mass in the GIRM.

From the 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) approved for the USA, which can be accessed from :
“117. … Also on or close to the altar, there is to be a cross with a figure of Christ crucified.”

The Code of Canon Law, canon 846 requires the liturgical books be faithfully followed. The Roman Missal is one of these books. Canon 846 can be looked up at .

I am not aware of any offical document detailing what counts and a “crucified Christ” as oppposed to a “risen Christ”. I am not aware of a document explicity forbidding a “risen Christ” as the crucifix.

Actually, the answer seems to be “no, it is not in Canon law”. It is in the General Instructions of the Roman Missal. I don’t recall that the cross with the risne Christ is prohibited; only that there must be a crucifix present during Mass (and it is satisfied with the processional cross {crucifix]). So one could have the “risen Christ” cross on the wall, and the processional crucifix in the sanctuary, and be within the guidelines of the GIRM.

Is an image of a crucifix in stain glass an appropriate for a substitue for a three dimensional one?

No, I don’t believe so.

I don’t know of any rules that are specific enough to distinguish between the two. Since the GIRM referes to the processional cross, the issue seems to resolve itself with leaving the processional cross in the sanctuary. And I have never seen a processional cross made out of stained glass, although I would no longer be surprised if someone thought they ahd to be creative enough to make one.

Sorry I misunderstood. I meant the crucifix near the alter. I didnt’ realize the processional would satisfy the need for one.

Emphases mine.

Yes, even a small 6 or 8 inch Crucifix on the altar satisfies the requirement.

If there already is a crucifix above the altar, does the processional cross also need to have a corpus on it? My parish uses a Celtic cross that has no corpus.

Also, I have been to other parishes where there is no processional cross at all. Is one required, at least on Sunday Mass?

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