Crucifying oneself?


I am deliberating with my spriitual director about ‘crucifying oneself’ in following Christ. I have a couple of quotes, but would want more.

Is there anybody out there that can help in directing me where to find this as time is NOT always on my side?


I have been crucified with Christ. It is now no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

that is St. Paul and we recite it each year when we renew our commitment as Benedictine Oblates, and when we received our Benedictine cross, but I can’t remember what letter it is.


Thanks puzzleannie…but the quote says "I have been cucrified…’

The needed quote is is from Galations 2:9: I have been crucified with Christ;

But I did want to go farther than this by going into the mystical theology…:hmmm:


Thanks puzzleannie!:slight_smile:

Galations says the same thing…but the emphasis is I

I am looking for one crucifying oneself…mystical theology of some sort. :hmmm:


Could you share the quotes you have so we can get a better idea of what you’re after? Are you after quotes from Scripture only? or quotes from saints/etc. as well ???



Hi Nita!

Here are the couple of saints’ quotes I found:

from St Augustine: …that they do not obey the desires of this evil concupiscence, but crucify in themselves the flesh with its affections and lusts, in order that they may be Jesus Christ’s…

Froma theology book by inknown author:

From it proceeds the anxious desire to make reparation for sin and an irresistible tendency to crucify oneself in a thousand ways.


I found another by St John Chrystostome:

Crucify yourself, though no one crucify you. Crucify yourself, not that you may slay yourself, God forbid, for that is a wicked thing, but as paul said, The world has been crucified unto me and I unto the world. If you love your Master, di eHis death.


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