Cruel God?


In the most recent issue of TIME Titled Evolution Wars a Harvard Psyc. Prof. says that the moral design of nature is as bungled as its engineering design. “What twisted sadist would of invented a parasite that blinds millions of people or a gene that covers babies with excruciating blisters?” How do we deal with this when spreading or teaching the Faith?


Our evolutionist friend is applying earthly logic to heavenly rewards. It doesn’t work.

What kind of God loves us unconditionally even though we reject Him time and time again? That’s the God I’ve grown to love.



God gives everyone struggles…they help strengthen us and bring us closer to Him. they teach us humility, compassion, grace, forgiveness, and love.

The greatest part about all of this? Everyone who suffers and gives all their pain to Him gets to live a less fortunate life for an eternity of true happiness. That’s what I keep my sights on…even when I’m hurting badly because of something earthly, I KNOW that when I pull through, and I will, God will be waiting on the other side…and my reward will be HIM…forever.


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