What a cruel existence! I have no purpose! How am I supposed to overcome my sins when I am at home every day? No work! YEARS NOW! Why must my mental state be brought to the verge of contemplating the unthinkable! THIS IS JUST ONE BIG STUPID JOKE! I am such a loser.

Yes life is cruel sometimes but you are not a loser! Maybe try getting out of the house, going for a walk and getting some fresh air?

Why are you out of work? Health? No jobs?

No one will hire me! It’s YEARS NOW. Many years! No one will hire me! It’s the story of my life. Unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE.

Have you looked into volunteer work? That may be a stepping stone into getting back into the work force, give you something to do. Honestly, I know how it feels to not being able to find a job. But I have found a bit of volunteer work to do. It doesn’t take a lot of time each week, but it has helped my attitude a great deal. And my attitude was in the gutter in a big way at one time. It still isn’t perfect, but I’m on my way up.

ahhh!!! I have reached out to volunteer organizations multiple times!!! Each time they have not gotten back to me!!! I want to pull my hair out when people say have i tried volunteering!! Sorry for the caps! But i have tried that!!

Have you checked back with the volunteering groups? It may need a response from your end of things to get the ball rolling. You can’t wait by the phone and expect these places to do all the work on contacting people. That may be the same thing with getting a regular job. So, take courage and try again!

Oh dear, you’re frustrating me. Yes, yes, yes! I have called back several times to the volunteer organizations! After leaving my email address and phone number they never got back to me each and every time. Never! It was very disappointing. I am beginning to think if many of these volunteer organizations are nothing more than scams. In my opinions, I see a lot of middle aged woman getting salaries from these organizations. No, they never got back to me. Not once. And yes, I called them time and time again.

Surely there’s something out there for you. Even if it doesn’t seem like much. I guess the big thing to do is to learn to lean on Jesus. I spent years working any old job just to say I had one. Until I ended up in the hospital with severe depression. I haven’t worked since, and, yes, if feels rotten to the core. But please don’t give up! Sometimes the places that need the most help are those that don’t have the resources to call everyone who has offered to help out.

Yeah I have tried to kill myself and I only regret it. Trust me that won’t end your pain and suffering. Bare with it a little longer

Good to a Church sit down and pray. Try to find peace in your heart and now Jesus is suffering with you

I don’t know why these people keep trying to give you “solutions”. I know they’re trying to help, but you and I know that you don’t need answers. You need understanding, and brother, I understand. I’m in the middle of a fourth career change. I’ve got a Masters level education and no job prospects, and I feel hopeless about that, just like I feel hopeless about my love life (or lack thereof). I wanted to be established by now, but I’m not. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that my death will hurt the people I care about. I’m used to being the cause of my own pain, but I will not allow myself to be the cause of somebody else’s.

The jobs will come, or they won’t. They probably will, but nobody knows for sure. What I do know, what you know, is that you and I will endure. We will endure because we are strong. You and I have both contemplated suicide, and there are people out there who want to make you think that’s weakness, but it’s not. It’s strength, because at the end of the day, we’re still here. WE SURVIVED. We stared into the abyss, and the abyss blinked first. Other people will face that precipice one day and not know if they’ll make it, but you and I know. We’ve been there, and we came back, and even if we find ourselves out there again, we’ll know we can come back because we have.

So, let the world be cruel. The world is cruel, and that’s a fact. But people like you and I can take it, and that’s a fact, too. So, I’ll pray for you my brother, but I won’t pray for the world to be less cruel to you, because I know you can take it. I’ll pray that you always remember how strong you are.

Have you inquired as to why they haven’t felt compelled to contact you? Perhaps there is something in your manner or presentation which you could work on that would help you in the pursuit of both volunteer opportunities and paying work.

Go to your local parish office and volunteer to answer the phones, or do other office tasks for a couple of hours a couple of times a week. Ask to shadow a person answering the phones to learn the position. There is likely to be some paperwork & other training involved (background checks, child protection seminar, etc.) so it could take a little time.

Dear Father in Heaven, giver of all good things. You know the needs and fears of the unemployed. We pray that You will comfort and strengthen them, and help them to maintain their hope and courage. Help them to find the work they need and seek. Help them to understand and overcome any impediments to their search. Lord, help them to surrender wholly to You for their needs; to help them see and take the opportunities to earn their living. Keep them from discouragement and bitterness. In Faith, O Lord, Our Father, help them to be trusting and patient. In this time, please care for them and their families according to Your promise. We trust You will do so for the sake of Your Son, our Savior, in Whom You have promised to give us all things.

Why not do some volunteer work?

What support is available in your country /state for supporting people in your situation?

I’m in the UK. I have a learning disability and suffer with depression

here there are several organisations that can offer specialised help for problems in looking for work and keeping a job when such problems cause workplace challenges.

In terms of the unwanted thoughts of doing the unthinkable it may be that your doctor can refer you to a councillor or phycologist to tackle your problems in that area and/or practice some antidepressants which might help. (If you have tried some and they don’t work as to try a didn’t one. I tried 4 that didn’t work in my 20s. With my current problems I asked to try a different class and that had been a huge help in reducing thoughts of self harm suicide and destructive behaviours)

I know what is like to be out of work though I’ve always managed to find something no matter how basic to keep some money coming in. I drove a taxi for 3 years between professional jobs.

One of my brothers had been unemployed for years though. And he has a PhD.

Trust me on this there is help available even if it’s hard to find.

Whether it’s a doctor or your priest to need to talk to someone about the unwanted thoughts.

May God bless and protect you.

Telling someone here, where you chose to leave the rant, that they are frustrating you, isn’t setting yourself up well.

You started the thread - sit back, don’t write, just read. I wasn’t going to write anything because of the tone I see in your posts, but you never know what helps get someone out of a funk.

Obviously, YOU need to change something, so figuring that out is step 1. (It’s not ‘them’)

Many times it starts with attitude.

Clear away the thoughts creeping in out of frustration / despair, they are not helping the cause and surely won’t be contributors to accomplishing the goal.

Get your mind right by getting to Church, sit in it for a while quietly, clear your mind.

The process of picking yourself up and getting back out there in the workforce can very much be frustrating. Not letting that show in any way, shape, or form is the key. Be appreciative of every person that gives you more than the time of day.

Online, on the phone, in person.

Not knowing many details, I would definitely change by getting out physically, it might seem old, but visiting places and seeking a job in person can look good to an employer.

God Bless.


You may need some professional assistance with re-doing a resume and interviewing. There are very little things that can keep someone from hiring a person. In today’s market the words used in a resume can get you in -or- keep you out of the draw all together. Not saying it is right, but it is true.

Also, are you willing to start at the bottom and work your way up? Some folks get really hung up on focusing on one type of work, and refuse to consider anything else. You can get in a real bind that way. I have worked some pretty menial jobs to get my foot in the door.

As others have said don’t give up. Keep trying the volunteer aspect, try entry level positions and see if someone can help you fine tune your interview skills. Local community colleges often have this type of service available.


Heavenly Father, please bless Jordu & MainBrain with a supernatural blessing for their work. Surround them both with the right people, places & opportunities. Greater are your ways & thoughts than ours. Most especially, bless them with the understanding & support they need to have in their lives. Truly makes a difference. It was not long ago I felt the same despair & not knowing where the next paycheck was going to come from after the other benefits ran out. Heavenly Father, you moved supernaturally in my life and I know you can do the same for Jordu & MainBrain. Keep the faith, my brothers, keep the faith! Many prayers abound. Amen.

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