Crunch Time Nears for Health Reform, But Hurdles Remain for Catholics

WASHINGTON (CNS) – The push is on to get a health reform bill through Congress, and some longtime Catholic supporters of a more accessible and affordable American health system are hoping they are not going to have to push back.


So if I understand the Church’s position, we are to oppose health care reform (with the Hyde Amendment intact) and keep the status quo, which means private insurance continues funding abortions?

Not all private insurance covers abortions, and I have found, at least, that one can avoid it. With Obamacare, we will not be able to avoid it. We will all be paying for abortion, just as we will all be paying for embryonic stem cell research (human vivisection) under the “stimulus bill”. The Hyde Amendment will not prevent it, as it does not apply to the bills proposed. It just doesn’t, and the bishops know that.

I don’t think the bishops are considering this, but in considering the government takeover of medical care in the U.S., we might want to also consider that nearly as many won’t be covered by it as are not covered by insurance right now. We might also want to consider that it will greatly increase the cost of healthcare, and will impoverish our children.

I just found out that our insurance rates are going through the roof for next year. It looks like they are preparing for the numerous extra costs associated with what Obama is going to do to our health care.

Let’s see, the Roman Empire fell after a couple hundred years, I have to wonder about the American Empire,

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