Crunchy Cons


I just learned about “Crunchy Cons”. :slight_smile:
I love it. It takes my “good” old hippie habits and links them with good values and good sense.
My SIL and family fit this well. I love the way they parent.


perhaps you could let us all in on the secret?


And most of them hold strong traditional faith beliefs.


From what I understand crunchy cons are a new term for a “not so typical” conservative. Traditional family values, yet with a concern for the environment, and a more natural lifestyle … without embracing the liberal anything goes mentality. Crunchy in this case is referring to the “granola” aspect of these individuals. Recycling, breastfeeding, NFP, organic foods, homeschooling, attatchment parenting, stay at home parent, cloth diapers etc … Any or all of these is enough to be termed “crunchy.” Another term I’ve heard thrown out there is the “gun toting gardener.”

I saw a cute Tshirt that read
*** Breastfeeding, Homeschooling, Cloth Diapering, Crunchy Catholic.***


I had heard this term for awhile, without understanding it. Then about a month ago I found the website that was posted on this thread. And my first thought was, “I finally belong somewhere!!!”



I wish they could have picked a better name than crunchy. Never did care for granola myself, but I do like the crunchy con manifesto.

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