Crush the head


I was reading up on pro choices arguements for abortion in case it comes up in conversation. I got halfway through this article before my bile had risen and I had to stop. How can we refute this?


:signofcross::signofcross:The author discriminates against unborn babies based on residency. Their DNA proves they are separate human beings not shrimp. He would discriminate based on the terminology of a person's stage of life, baby, toddler, teenager, adult, zygote ... but all are the same person. Then he calls upon viability to live outside the womb. That stage is getting younger and younger with science and soon it will be accomplished from the moment of conception which is also outside of the womb at this point. Do you think he will give up at that point? He focuses at one point if an unborn is self aware but abortion films clearly show unborn children trying to get away and the silent scream of pain from the abortionist. Are all the mentally retarded self aware. I think not.

If you are about to bulldoze a home but you are not sure someone is inside don't you stop to make sure and not guess. Yet, the author just does not care. Just like Hitler, Margaret Sanger and the rest of the inhumane people on the pro abortion side.

In the end we must pray the Rosary for a change of heart in these people. It happens with frequency and many babies are saved this way. Pray outside abortion clinics for peace and life. Our Creator grants miracles. Think of the good of the first martyrs and what we received from their sacrifice. God bless you always.


I recommend listening to some of Trent Horn's arguments on the ProLife answers to pro choice questions episodes of Catholic Answers Live. They had one just recently on Monday, you can probably hear the podcast by now. That guy is brilliant! I've yet to hear him dialogue with a pro choice caller that doesn't end with the pro choicer going,"uhh wait...I've never thought of that before." or something along that line. He literally explodes all their arguments, charitably of course.

He's awesome and you will learn a lot from listening to both sides.


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