Crutch Kaput!.....part 3


So…admin blocked it again…

You accuse me of being a member of the “intelligentsia”…you accuse me of taking the “I’m better then you” stance…you accuse me of having an agenda (If wanting to make the world a better place an agenda well…)

I think it’s your own insecurity…aren’t you really saying by statements regarding god and morality that EVERYONE ELSE (the group I’m in) is ignorant? Aren’t you really talling me that because I have no idea that a god exists, and feel that it is irrelevant anyway- regarding societies ability to square things up, and come to sound moral conclusions based on pure intellect…that we are the faulty ones?..I feel that I’ve demonstrated in more ways than one how religion divides society and people…with using only tenets that are BOUND to religions…you respond with nothing that can’t be achieved without religion?..isn’t it true that you really loathe humanity, because if you don’t think that intelligent people can come together and make the world a better place in spite of the christian god belief…then what are you saying…???

How can humanity ever truly come together when certain groups of people …deep down really feel that another group of people are going to hell?..Seriously. How can this bridge be crossed?..IT CAN’T…

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