Cruz or Clinton


Hi all. Suppose hypothetically that Ted Cruz wins the Republican nomination and Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. Which one would you vote for?

Choices are partitioned according to your first presidential choice. Intended primarily for those who would make either Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, or John Kasich their first choice for president (but I’ve also included a few alternative vote-options at the bottom, naturally).


I think I may have clicked Clinton by mistake, but my first choice is Cruz.


this is one of the most confusing polls I have ever seen on CAF!


I will vote for “ABH”


None of the above really, but I liked Rubio and realistically don’t see that going much further. I like Trump and Cruz, but I don’t think Cruz can beat Hillary, I do think Trump can beat Hillary. The ideal situation is Cruz as VP. On that path I see victory and a productive WH. Course Cruz may convince me otherwise as this continues. We shall see. Ted is a nice guy and this is a fight we are going into. Trump is a fighter, I would send a fighter to a fight not a nice guy.

I would think about that. I’ll take looking bad and winning over looking good and losing any day of the week.


Hillary is my 1st choice and I do not believe that any of the potential Republican candidates will be able to best her in November.


I would like to vote for Mrs Clinton except for one thing: she does not support the idea of unilateral nuclear disarmament.
And, without that, we are all toast, so her expertise and sanity in all other things doesn’t end up saving us in the long run.


P.S. This might go without saying, but I’ll say it anyhow: I mean first *current *choice. (E.g. I checked off “Rubio is first choice, I would vote for Cruz” because Rubio is my first choice out of the 7 candidates currently running. Doesn’t mean that he was my first choice out of all 20+ candidates who *were *in the race several months ago.)


The real question for me is, how closely do the potential voters who frequent Catholic Answers correspond with the rest of the nation? Not all that much, I suspect.


How so? It may be true the polls favor a christian perspective inaccurately as opposed to the democratic, but thats to be expected on a christian forum. Other than that Im not sure I understand what your suggesting?


I’m suggesting that our nation slants a little more to the left than what we most often see here on Catholic Answers. CAF, from the top down, is an oasis on the Internet for a more conservative point of view, which is good, but it does not necessarily reflect the rest of the U.S. But since I live in Los Angeles, maybe I’m the one out of step with the rest of the country. We will see when the votes are counted.


Cruz is my first choice by far, he’s very pro-life and he whole heartedly believes in the constitution and bill of rights which is what makes America great.
Why do most politicians seem to ignore the constitution these days? Because if they embraced it then they would have to acknowledge that we the people are supposed to be in charge not they the govt.

I know Glen beck can be a little nutty at times be he gave a very good speech at cpac about the constitution and the problem with progressives in both parties


I don’t know I think I would have agree’d with you before this election. Today I see something different than the status quo of the democratic squeaky wheel getting the grease. I see a the silent majority speaking up and coming out for this election. :slight_smile:


I think a Kasich/ Cruz ticket would be a winner.After the last debate,I changed my thinking ,as to who has the best shot at beating Hillary.Kacish has a solid and expansive resume’.
Ted Cruz would balance out the ticket ,draw in the true conservatives,yet JK ability to reach out will garner support from the less conservatives and moderates.


I think it might have to end up being a Kasich/Cruz combo as well. Much as the GOP establishment hates Cruz (and I don’t blame them either), it is becoming apparent that he is the strongest arsenal in the anti-Trump campaign.

If Kasich could be brought on board with him on a ticket, there may be hope of unifying the party and having a viable bash at the general election after all - the Tea Party-er who can appeal to Trump supporters arm-in-arm with the moderate Republican who can appeal to swing voters. I think it’s the GOP’s last hope.

If the goal is to stop Trump at all costs (which it should be), then the establishment will need to get behind Cruz and put their justified reservations aside in the interests of the party.

Still, Cruz is a hard person to sell too swing voters. He’s pretty diehard.


John Kasich would soften the ticket and may it more appealing to a broader base.I did see the two of them sharing some laughs and talking before the debate.I bet they are working on something:thumbsup:


I voted “none of the above because my first choice is Cruz”, as I am truly a supporter of Cruz. To me he is the best option.


Kasich has the best pro-life record - and is despised by both PP and the gay lobby.

Cruz is iffy because Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner likes him - and he’s toast if moderators ask him about that next debate.


I also was impressed by Kasich at the last debate. I still haven’t made up my mind between Trump and Cruz. There are things I like and dislike about both of them. My early ballot still on my night table waiting to be marked.


I very much agree with you that the majority of our nation skews more left than the majority of the people who participate on this forum. That’s why, from an ideological standpoint, Donald Trump probably has the best chance of beating Hillary in a general because Trump does not strike many as very conservative (or right).

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