Cruz says all eyes on Indiana ahead of May 3 primary


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz vowed to aggressively campaign across Indiana in the coming weeks, saying all eyes will be on the state ahead of the coming May 3 primary.

The Republican presidential candidate made the comment Thursday during a speech at the state GOP’s annual spring dinner.

He said the people of Indiana want to get behind an optimistic conservative campaign.


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So, I take it that there are no other primaries between now and May 3rd. What, there is? Five. Well, actual people are voting, so Cruz can’t expect to win. Maybe there are a few state conventions where Cruz can go and game the system to win delegates that the general electorate won’t give to him by actually showing up and voting.


I think Cruz is looking ahead because I doubt he think he can take any wins in the northeastern states and in Indiana he thinks he has a shot. Have you looked at how many state conventions Cruz has won in comparison to primaries and caucuses he’s won? I think the majority of his wins come from caucuses and primaries. And how has Cruz “gamed the system”? Cruz has been more organised than Trump and that’s helped pay off. Also as a candidate Cruz probably appeals more to the delegates and that’s why he’s won.


I have. Cruz does great when fewer people participate (caucuses and conventions) winning 8 of 15. Trump does better when more people participate (primaries) winning 15 of 21. After Tuesday, that’ll be 20 of 26. Cruz will have won a massive 4 of 26.

So, Trump has 2.5 million more votes than Cruz and that’ll expand a lot on Tuesday. Of course, he has to say that the five primaries on Tuesday don’t matter and the only thing that matters is Indiana.

If you’re ok with a cheater (Carson’s dropping out) and a Canadian as your nominee, that’s your business, but I think that it’s clear the rest of the Republican electorate prefers Trump.


It’s going to take more than Indiana to stop Trump from reaching 1,237.


Cruz won:

Iowa - caucus

Texas - primary

Alaska - caucus

Oklahoma - primary

Kansas - caucus.

Maine - caucus

Idaho - primary

Wyoming - convention

Utah - caucus.

Wisconsin - primary

Colorado - convention,_2016

How many other wins?


Right, four primaries out of twenty one. He is clearly the choice of the Republican voters.


And would Trump have won as many primaries if various states hadn’t had an open primary and non-Republicans could vote? Cruz has won fewer primaries than Trump, but the process isn’t just made up of primaries and in caucuses people vote.


Sure, in caucuses, people vote. Just not as many.

For your other question,

Closed Primaries won by Trump (4): New York, Arizona, Florida, Nevada
Open Primaries won by Trump (13) : North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina, New Hampshire

Closed Primaries won by Cruz (2): Idaho, Oklahoma
Open Primaries won by Cruz(2): Wisconsin, Texas

Yep, when it’s closed, Cruz wins 33% of the time.


I hope he can win Indiana. He needs it to increase his popularity.


It’ll also take the focus on him losing 5 primaries on Tuesday.


What may above hindered Cruz not winning more primaries, is that the non-Trump vote for a long time was split between multiple candidates.


I don’t think so. Trump has won two of the three primaries since we went down to 3 candidates and is about to win 5 more this week. I know it’s been the hope of some that Donald Trump isn’t the Republican choice, but he is.


He’s the choice of a segment of Republican voters, but what’s the percentage of Republican votes Trump has won now? It’s not over 50%, is it?


It’s 2.5 million more than Cruz and, as you said, a lot of votes were split among a lot of candidates. I think we’re getting a lot of evidence that one on one, Republican voters prefer Trump over Cruz. The latest polling data has Trump over Cruz 45-27.


We never get tired of propaganda of course. :rolleyes:

P.S. Yes I know, Ridgerunner told me not to use the word “propaganda”, but what are you gonna do?


Is it propaganda when it’s the truth?


But what’s really unfair is that Abyssinia was allowed to cast 6,454,321 votes for Cruz.


Ha, got me. Bad typo. I guess most would be better than the rest of.

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