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Utah doesn’t hold its caucus until March 22, but one of its senators has already made up his mind.

Utah’s Mike Lee becomes first senator to back Ted Cruz

Lee praised Cruz for the promises he has made to protect gun rights, fight Obamacare and uphold other conservative principles

Cruz’s single senatorial endorsement (not counting former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith) contrasts sharply with the 14 Senators – including Utah’s other Senator, Orrin Hatch – who endorsed Marco Rubio’s now-ended presidential bid.

Cruz did not have a single endorsement from any of his Senate colleagues, until this week when Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah committed his support. Marco Rubio, on the other hand, has landed 14 Senate endorsements.

That’s because the bad blood between Cruz and his colleagues runs so deep.

But this year, Republicans anguishing over the rise of Donald Trump can see that Cruz has pulled way ahead of Marco Rubio, who has the most Senate endorsements. Maybe it’s time for the rift between Cruz and his colleagues to heal.

Republican Bill Cassidy of Louisiana compared it to marriage.

“Occasionally my wife has said something to me, or I to her, that we wish we had not said later. At the time, we’re thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ But we’ve worked through that, and we forget it, and we move on because there’s something far more important than an occasional harsh word,” said Cassidy.

Utah’s Lee became the first senator to endorse Cruz, on Thursday. Maybe others will follow.

Thread on Cruz topics

I wonder now that it’s a 3 man race, how much attention will be given towards kasich or Cruz.

Much I hope.

One things to note is that the article cited in my previous post, “Ted Cruz And The Senate: Now We’ve Got Bad Blood”, predated Sen Rubio’s exit. I wonder how the author might have altered it now. :hmmm:

The hatred and animosity that is directed by other GOP senators towards Cruz is a better endorsement than any other GOP candidate has received.

The spineless RINO’s in the Senate are the reason the GOP base is upset with them. If they don’t like Cruz, that should tell you how awesome he truly is.

That just made me think of SNL spoofing John McCain’s reputation as a “Maverick”:

I don’t mind upsetting members of my own party. Elizabeth Dole will tell you. I once got a hold of one of her checkbooks, and kited checks all over Washington! I ruined her credit rating! She’d be the first to agree, I’m no slave to Republican orthodoxy.

I would first reach out for the support of Senate Democrats. And if that bothers my fellow Republicans, frankly, I don’t care. Ask Lindsay Graham. I once flushed three cherry bombs down the toilet of his Senate office. Absolutely destroyed the plumbing. I’m willing to buck members of my own party.

You know, my friends, I’m not the most popular guy in my own party. Just ask Senator Trent Lott. I took his car one time without asking, and totaled it. Just drove it into a wall, and walked away! I’m not going to win any popularity contests among Republicans.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Cruz is like the *real *McCain, not SNL’s McCain. But I’m just wondering, have some voters gotten to the point where they just want their candidate to be hated by “Washington” and don’t even care the reasons for that hatred? :o

Are you saying the GOP base is ok with Cruz?

I am of the base, and yes.

I will probably vote Cruz in my primary and definitely Cruz orTrump in the general.:slight_smile:

Oh ok thank you for clarifying that I understand better what ZZ was saying.

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Same here. :slight_smile:

Or maybe he’s just not likable.

I like these new threads devoted to each of the men/women left standing. Thanks, Mr. Bay.

I agree. :slight_smile:

P.S. Governors have been less standoffish: Cruz had three endorsements already, then today he got South Carolina’s Nikki Haley. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Peter. I guess her first endorsement of Rubio didn’t take purchase. Maybe 2nd time is a charm!

While Ted is a solid 2nd, I just don’t think he can overpower Trump. I also believe that Cruz is too conservative to win in November. Dems and Independents who vote in the final election can plausibly convince themselves that Trump is a Progressive-Republican hybrid (depending on whatever is going on in his head at the time his mouth starts going). Cruz is an uber-pure Conservative and I don’t think that stance can carry our nation.

It goes far beyond ‘not likable’. Just saw this on Breitbart.

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Republican presidential candidate and Texas senator Ted Cruz “Lucifer” after giving a speech at the Futures Industry Association conference in Boca Raton, Florida.

I live in texas, and perhaps I may know a bit about him than some others. Don’t let his Spanish name make you think he is Catholic. not true he belongs to a fundamentalist church where his Father is the preacher. It showed that church on TV just two days ago with Cruz on the stage. I did not vote for him super Tuesday. As I see it he is way too conservative for my taste. He is a proud member of the “Tea party”.

Cruz has said, “I’m Cuban, Irish, and Italian, and yet somehow I ended up Southern Baptist.”[2]

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