Cruz wins Kansas GOP Caucus, five states vote Saturday


Maine, Louisiana, and Kentucky still have to declare a winner for the Republicans.

On the democratic side, Nebraska, Kansas, and Louisiana are voting today.


Cruz has won in Maine

Maine Caucus ® we project will go to Ted Cruz

Isn’t it pretty extraordinary he could win there?!


Do you know what the polls said beforehand?


Can’t find any recent polls but various pundits saw Trump as favourite to win including Nate Silver:


I like Cruz the most, I hope he continues with his success.


Be great if he exceeds 50% and takes all the delegates. He;s at 43% now. Trump is pretty far ahead in Kentucky. 40% to 30% with Cruz.


There is only 230 votes difference between cruz and trump in Maine right now.


Maybe Romney’s speech had an effect. Still, I would have thought Maine Republicans to be more moderate and vote for Trump or Rubio rather than Cruz. This is a really crazy election cycle!


What Romney did only further drove the knife into the Repub. party, he also got called out for it in a big way! Im not sure why the party is so worried, political parties come and go, history shows us this…if they find they are not ‘connecting’ with what modern ‘republicans’ want, then, Im sorry, its time for that party to have its place in the history books and be done, another party will spring up to takes it place, we can be sure of that. I dont see anyone around today still upset the Whig party is gone or calling for its return, they had their time and its done now, things change.


Boy, good day for Cruz.

One thing that might disappoint him: midway through the Kansas, Cruz was showing 51.5% support – making it look like it would be the first time a candidate won the majority of a state – but then he sunk down to a measly 48.2%


Rubio still has a chance to be the first place nominee.

I’d have to do more analysis, but off the top of my head, I feel Rubio’s best chance would be if he won Florida and Kasich lost Ohio, forcing Kasich to drop out.


Well Trump said Maine is close to Canada so that may have benefited Cruz. But more than crazy. Maine blew my mind tonight. I saw the KS win for Cruz coming though not by the margin. I saw the Trump wins in KY and LA. I saw Bernie’s in NE and KS and Hillary’s in LA. But did not see Maine coming at all. Maybe it was the Mitt speech. Maybe it was Donald’s body part performing well. Maybe they are tired of seeing people of color being shoved around at rallies and Trump egging them on with his “Get em outta here”. I dunno what it was. But it was. :shrug:


According to Google, Cruz picked up 60 delegates today, Trump 46, Rubio 13, and Kasich 6.


Cruz does seem to be a hard-nosed conservative. In previous election cycles, conservatives have been rejected in lieu of someone deemed more electable, say a John McCain or a Mitt Romney.:rolleyes:


Electability? Who cares about electability?


This is good news for Hillary Clinton. Cruz is the Democrats’ best-case scenario in the general, better than Trump or Rubio.


If Maine was close to Alberta, then that might have been true. Maritimers are not really big on Albertan brand of conservatism. Any Atlantic Canadian geographical influence would have been in the opposite direction of Cruz.


Cruz would be a good test of a real conservative’s strength or weakness in the general election. More than Trump, Cruz would inspire ALL Democrats as well as many Independents to vote for Clinton. However, just to get the conservative “lust” out of their system, the Republican party would do well to have a conservative candidate as their nominee. It’s a bit of a long shot for Cruz as of now but still possible. We’ll have to see how Cruz and Trump fare in the Midwestern, Northeastern, and Western states.


Actually Cruz beats Clinton in head to head voting pols.Trump loses to Clinton in head to head pols. This is bad news for Clinton.


The meltzerboy poll has the opposite results.

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