Cry Babies...

Usually Once in a while, during Mass, some baby goes on a Crying Spree, and the parents do nothing, I mean we have a Cry Room, but maybe the parents are unaware of it. I mean I come to Mass to participate and learn, and I can’t hear the Homily when a baby is screaming in my ear.

Well one day, after watching this Exorcist movie the Rite, and reading this book:
The Sign of the Cross
I decided to do the Sign of the Cross on myself and anything else that either scared me or ailed me, much like a priest does during the opening and ending of mass. :signofcross:

And I swear to God, that it works, sometimes I’d get these pains in my feet and I’d make the Sign of the Cross over them and instantly the pain would remove itself. This has happened on several occasions.

I made it one time in a dark room, cause I felt a dark presence there, and after making it, I heard some stuff being knocked over, I turned on the light and some books had fallen off a bookshelf that I had made the Sign of the Cross in the direction of, though I couldn’t find the source for what knocked the books off of the Shelf. It kind of spooked me, but at the same time gave me Confidence in the Power of the Sign of the Cross. :signofcross:

And anytime I’m in a “Dark Alley” I make the Sign of the Cross, it’s become a regular practice with me. :signofcross:

Anyways, I’m in Mass this one day and this kid goes bawling off right in front of me and so I figured it’s worked before, so why not now, the only problem is, I don’t know if it’s a socially accepted practice amongst Catholics to do it, so me being a newcomer to Catholicism (still in the RCIA program too), I go ahead and make the Sign of the Cross right in front of the baby’s face and sure as I knew it the kid shut up. Man, you should have seen those Parishioner’s eyes light up, those that were beside me, I was a little impressed too, never had I done it in the presence of others before.

So my question is, Is it a socially accepted practice amongst Catholics to make the Sign of the Cross when something either ails you or another?

And would this be violating anything of the Teachings of the Catholic Church?

Just to clarify, do you mean you are making the sign of the cross on yourself or in front of yourself as the priest would at the beginning of a Mass (the blessing)?

In general, though, I think your narrative leans towards sounding like a developing supersitious belief and behavior. So just be careful.

In some cultures, parents will make the sign of the cross on a child’s forehead as they go out as a way of blessing them.

I’d be careful about randomly crossing people…The sign of the cross is a prayer, not a magic cure-all.

My sister said she fought a culture of cursing at her workplace by subtly making the sign of the cross every time someone used the (really bad) word in the office. She didn’t make a huge show of it, but the offenders apparently did not realize how OFTEN they cursed, and it nearly stopped altogether.
Some people would tell her “good for you!” because they were glad to see a more professional tenure in the place. So the Sign of the Cross as a prayer, can change hearts, for sure.

Making the Sign of the Cross–or saying a short prayer–can be a very good way to refocus on what is important and to ask God to help you through whatever struggle you are having (even something minor). I occasionally discreetly say a prayer when I’m struggling with distractions at Mass, and I can see how making the Sign of the Cross on yourself might help you in that sense, as well. It also can be a blessing in that it can strengthen your faith regarding the “little things,” so that it’s easier to trust God in the “bigger things,” too.

That said, I agree with Carolofthebells’ caution against developing a superstition. Remember that by making the Sign of the Cross and/or praying to God, you are not causing something to happen; you are simply asking God to help you with the situation. Just remember to leave it to Him to determine how best to do that–even if it means sometimes allowing you to practice patience or focus by not removing the distraction immediately. :wink:

Superstition, I don’t see how?

I know that evil cannot stand the sight of things Holy.

Why do people say the Prayer of St. Michael, if they don’t mean it?
It just seems to me that people say the prayer then call things superstitious,
maybe, I dunno, cause of being perceived as socially awkward, I dunno, I’m still learning.

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.


In the prayer we acknowledge that evil exist and is out to destroy us.
What I mean here is that evil spirits are on the prowl for the ruin of souls, so a baby in church is crying because something unseen to us is scaring it, or a pain in the foot is trying to distract my attention away from my meditation, or evil is influencing a negative crowd. By banishing the evil with this simple gesture, clears evil out.

When I first did the Sign of the Cross, at that time I was far from God, borderline Atheistic, and it was out of mockery that I did the Sign of the Cross that caused something to happen. If anything I had no faith then when I did it, and I just went thru the motions, but it was enough for the evil one to run from. Only in my extreme doubt did I find my Faith, and felt it was in need of strengthening.

Only when I had discovered the Devil did I fear for my soul and ran to the Church. In the beginning I had no idea what to do, I figured out that the Sign of the Cross worked, but I wanted to understand more. So I began studying the source of the Sign of the Cross, cause I came from a Lutheran family and had never seen anyone do it, plus only in Catholicism will you find Exorcists, so I figured that Catholicism has had more experience in this area and must’ve had it right and so decided to learn about it.

(Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism DVD series helped out a lot. It seemed as if he was copying everything out of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and made a movie out of it, so it was like a CCC video.)

Later I found the Book on the Sign of the Cross, and other materials. I even got some really nice 8" tall Crucifixes that I carry with me everywhere I go even to this day.

My making the Sign of the Cross is never Superstitious, it is done with strong conviction that the power of God is in the Sign and he alone banishes the evil. I use visualization along with making the Sign of the Cross. I see Visualization as Prayer done with the mind.

Yes, like a Priest does. But I also do it like Catholics do it, I do this first, then wherever I’m at and I feel like something evil is about, or some weird stuff happens and usually nobody is around, I sign like a Priest towards the disturbance. Sometimes in all 4 directions. After doing it, I feel way better.

No one who knows me would describe me as a “baby person”, but I would like to comment about babies crying in church . When I look around at mass most of the people I see are over the age of 50. I worry alot about the future of our world and I wonder what will happen to our church when this older generation is gone, so when I hear a baby cry in church it is music to my ears! When I see parents with 3 or 4 (sometimes) unruly children it touches my heart and the sight of a pius 4 year old on the kneeler has literally brought tears to my eyes. I have so much respect for these parents who are dedicated to raising their children in the church. They will be the future defenders of our faith!

I always sit in one of the front pews and have noticed that people with babies usually sit at the back of the church. Try sitting in one of the front rows. That may help you to hear better.


Can’t, being 6’10", makes it near impossible.
I usually sit in the back in one of those folding chairs.
I kneel on the floor and still tower over those on those
riser-thing-a-ma-jigs that fold up under the pews.

To make the sign of the cross and bless youself along with a short prayer is fine, as I believe as another poster said, it brings thoughts back to Christ.

For blessing of babies who cry in church, this is what I was taught during baptism prep class.

When receiving communion, and you have young children with you, sometimes the priest would put his hands on their heads and say ‘God bless you’. When receiving communion from a eucharistc minister-this never occurs, they do not bless the child. The reason is that the priest has the authority to bless them. The eucharistic minister does not. The only people who have the authority to bless a child is the parents or a priest.

So just bless yourself during this time and say a prayer for the child.

To be honest this really doesn’t bother me. Hearing kids and babies I. Church is a sign of life, and the future of the church. I love the feeling of vibrancy and hope that kids bring, even if it disturbs my devotions occasionally. I think, “how would Jesus respond to a crying baby?”

Are you saying that a crying child is a sign of evil in the child??

Someone correct me if this is incorrect.
A non-ordained person does not have the “authority”, or power, to bless someone with the sign of the cross. We can make the sign of cross on our own bodies, but can’t give blessings to others, in that way. Another poster referred to this in talking about blessings given in the communion line by ordained only.

I mean I come to Mass to participate and learn, and I can’t hear the Homily when a baby is screaming in my ear.

Keeping in mind the Mass is not given for us merely as individuals, that we worship as a community…
perhaps what you are called to learn is more tolerance for others.
Can the homily have meaning for you, if you cannot tolerate the noisy life of a young child?

Just to be clear, you are crossing YOURSELF right? Not the baby or in the general direction of the poor family who has to live with a baby 24-7 right?

If my child is crying, squirming or freaking out and some 6-10 guy starts waving his hands in my general direction “crossing” me like it is some sort of spell from Harry Potter, the baby will not be the only thing screaming and crying. And you won’t be 6’10" tall, you will be 6’10" long.:wink: And I will be in line for confession . Again.

For prudence’s sake, I’d recommend you don’t do it during the Mass.

It would seem to be quite divisive. Calling on the aid of God against a child crying, as though it were some demon to be dispelled. You’ll cause others to fall into anger and resentment towards you-- why don’t you just ask them to use the cry room?

We visited a parish once and we did not know there was a cry room. Our baby was not screaming but rather “fussing” we got dirty looks and afterward someone mentioned the cry room. Personally, I detest the cry rooms for many reasons that have been hashed out on these threads. But I can tell you this. There is no way we would ever go back to that parish. Ever.

Best to just realize that babies always have been and always will be a part of the Mass. You can build all the walls, use all the plexiglass you want. you cannot stem the babies from coming. Even with a high contracepting rate among Catholics there still seems to be a way that life finds a way of reproducing.:rolleyes:

Honestly, it is a problem more of the people who are annoyed by it. Because babies are not the only thing annoying. People can sure cough a lot. Many elderly at our parish have oxygen tanks, don’t even get me started about air conditioning, heating, or a dang busy street outside!!!

Offer it up. And instead of asking someone to exile themselves to a cry room. Or blessing the child like in the movie the “Rite” :rolleyes: How about offering to babysit for the couple to go out to dinner or a movie, the couple who is dealing with a baby not just an hour a week at Mass but ALL THE TIME

Well said! :clapping: God bless you.
I agree it’s a problem for the person who is bugged by it.
In every parish there is a Mass that most of the “elders” go to and one that most of the young families go to. I suggest that people choose wisely if it’s that big of a deal.
I applaud all the women and men who choose LIFE.

:smiley: I’m just waiting for the next post that goes like this.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t babysit for the couple!!! THen there will be MORE babies at Church!:smiley:


Babies cry for natural reasons, not because there is an evil presence around them.

Books fall off a shelf because they were placed there insecurely. Not because an evil presence knocked them off.

We make the sign of the cross on ourselves to remind us of our faith and belief in the trinity, not because we sense an evil presence and need to perform a magical action to chase it away.

Good grief. Babies cry! Everyone was once a baby, who cried at an “inappropriate” time. If you were taken to church as a baby, you most definitely cried, at least one time. :rolleyes:


“The little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes”, true, but all babies cry. It’s a fact of life and a law of nature. (And it’s also a sign that someone hasn’t been contracepting, which is always good.) :slight_smile:

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