Cry Room Problem


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I agree with you. In my last parish there was a 4-child family who always sat in the first row. The son learned quickly that misbehaving got him a pass to the 'crying room' where he could play. It got to the point where he'd walk out by himself saying "I have to leave until I can behave better." Yeah, right! Usually at that point he'd been behaving just fine, he just wanted to go play.

That was the same family that came equipped with 2 or 3 juice boxes per child and then made 10 trips to the bathroom during the 45 minutes of Mass. I can see a bottle for the baby but really, snacks and juice for the 5 & 6 year olds? Oh, I forgot, there have been so many reports of starvation & dehydration incidents at Mass...


Sort of off topic but I notice families (and individuals) too like the one described here in church, restaurants, etc. I always get this feeling that they like being the center of attention and all of the activity gets them noticed. They are like little islands of chaos moving throughout their world.:rolleyes:


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