Crying during mass, Part 2

*Another moving mass today…not sure why, but I felt especially tearful during Communion today. Perhaps it was the music, perhaps it was my deep reflection on how I fail God sometimes. I don’t mean to, but I must strive to please Him more…to decrease myself, and increase Him. I pray for His mercy…and that of my family…and I also pray for you all, too.

Have you felt especially teary eyed during mass lately? If so…what moves you?*

It has happened to me many times and for different reasons. Sometimes it is that I’ve read about something, maybe the life of a Saint and the suffering they endured for their faith, and the same line of thought will come across in the Gospel. Other times it will just be on my mind that I wished I had done something better, maybe handle a situation differently, and it is on my mind to ask for the grace to do it better and out will pop just the right words of comfort in a reading or a Psalm that seems like it was read just for my benefit.

I try to remember that these emotions form a part of our God-given conscience, and they are nothing to fear or want to hide from. Just my opinion, but it is these things, these feelings that help us understand just what God’s holiness is all about. They leave those indelible marks on our conscience kind of like trail markers that help us negotiate our way in life should we come down that part of the road again. Read Isaiah 6:1-8 and you will see what happens when imperfect humans come smack into the presence of God. There is an overwhelming sense of inadequacy, of not being able to measure up in some way. Moses felt the same thing on Mt Sinai. So did Gideon. So did the Apostles when they got a glimpse of the Transfigured Christ.

In our human existence, we feel apprehensive whenever we come up against that kind of high standard. But the good news is we can be made holy and share in that wonderful spiritual existence that leaves us in awe. So experience what you will in the way that you do, but know those experiences do not leave you inadequate. They help you grow closer to God.

All praises and glory to Him for all the human emotions and feelings that we have. Indeed, we should be truly be grateful for all our experiences – humbling or signs of happiness.

In the end, we should never forget that the feeling is a bonus. Our faith is based on our will. One time, the “good feelings” will fade, but that does not mean that our belief and trust does not. When these teary eyes are gone, it could mean we are becoming closer to God and become Jesus’ brother or sister.

Our weakness will soon take over and humble us to cry once again as Jesus helps us stand up and walk again – never losing that Hope to express the Love that never leaves.

Glory be…

I was teary eyed today because we celebrated the baptism of the baby daughter of a couple I’d helped prepare.

*Your post moved me too! I’m especially sentimental today, perhaps. :o You are definitely gifted, in seeing the Holy Spirit work in your life…thank you for sharing this. *

:o aw how wonderful, congratulations to all! What a great experience, I’m sure.

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