Crying during mass

Hi everyone,

I have recently returned back to church after not attending for about 10 years. When I went to mass last weekend I felt like I was going to lose it by crying non-stop. It took everything I had to keep from losing it. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? :confused:


Many times.

Hi Lisa, that’s not a bad thing :slight_smile: last Saturday I really felt like crying at Mass too… God bless :hug1:

On many occasions; quite often, just before communion during the “Lord I am not worthy…” Frankly. I wish I would see many more people in church doing the same thing. It is one thing to profess, either out loud or to ourselves, that we are sinners, but the sorrow that generates tears comes from deep within our heart and soul. By your tears you tell our Lord that you are truly sorry for the wrongs you have done and that you appreciate the great sacrifice he made on the cross to save us from an eternity in Hell.

God Bless

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Hi Annie4637,

I’ve had the urge to cry many times at Mass, so if I were you I wouldn’t worry. But could you explain WHY you felt like crying? Sometimes I wish to cry because of the realization of the sorrow I have for the sins I have committed, other times it’s just from the sheer beauty of the Mass. Your feelings that lead up to the tears may be a good indicator.

Cry every time I receive Communion. :slight_smile:

It’s rare that I don’t cry at Mass. Now, at least partly, because it reminds me of my recently-deceased fiance, but even when he was living I would always cry when he took me. Something about it is always very moving.

I don’t try to understand it; I just let it go.

Well, I am definitely glad others experience the same thing. I find myself crying at Mass all the time also when I pray the Rosary. It is funny at times I try to stop myself from crying for fear of what those around me may think but nonetheless I cry.

It’s called the “Gift of Tears,” and although it doesn’t happen all the time (nor should it) you should enjoy one of God’s special gifts!

It has been said that when God gently grabs and wrenches your heart, His love can only be released through the eyes…

You are not alone. This also happens to me during mass, especially after receiving communion. My husband doesn’t understand it and I try to explain that I have a lot of emotions from joy and thankfulness that Jesus is really present and with me to sadness because of my sins and the sins of the world. Treasure this time when you feel like crying during mass because we never know when this gift may be taken away.

St Ignatius talks about “the gift of tears.” In fact, Ignatius tells us that we should pray for this great gift, of having our hearts moved so much by God that we are moved to tears.

Thank you everyone for your responses! I noticed that last weekend when I attended mass it seemed as if the most vulnerable period was when the parish was singing. I couldn’t say the prayers without “losing it”. It’s weird that the only time this occurs is when I am at church. I have just begun going back to church after not attending for a long period of time. When I have attended a few years ago the same thing happened. It doesn’t happen at home when I pray only at church.

Thanks again and God bless! :slight_smile:

many times. one time before i am Catholic i leave. i was past a little tears. i was like a weird snotty slobbery wet shaking sob that can not stop. i left to cry for a long time alone. and to ask God why He does this to me. i can not say why.

you know a question- what if you meet Jesus? ha. i know. i fall down to cry forever.

Do not confuse emotion with remorse and gratitude. Emotion is not a conscious choice- but gratitude and remorse must be a conscious choice. Some people cry easier than others- that has nothing to do with their level of holiness.

I am a 42 year old man, happily married, with two beautiful children. This happens to me very often at mass. Not every time mind you, but often enough. Even my wife does not understand it, but something “happens”. I become choked up, feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, sometimes sorrow, and am just so glad to share in the joy of being close to God.

Most that know me would NEVER picture this me doing this, but I must say, it is comforting in many ways. :slight_smile:

I heard a Catholic radio guest (perhaps it was on a ‘Coming Home’ episode?) describe her own crying at Mass after she had returned to the Church, and said that it had eventually stopped once her love had matured over time.

Crying can be a sign of love, and love is certainly great, but we ought not seek out the tears. You never see priests crying at Mass.

A sidebar discussion from this thread might be how the presence of others affects our own worship. If a person cries then do they discretely wipe away the tears? There are times when I want nothing more than to joyfully dance in line to receive Holy Communion, but realize that these sorts of ostentatious impulses need to be suppressed so as to allow others their own personal and undistracted worship. Considering the considerable emotions present at a Mass, it’s a wonder that it all occurs with such peaceful conformity, and isn’t that what God expects of us?

One day, just a few years after his conversion, he was following the road that passes near St. Mary of the Portiuncula and, as he was walking by himself, he was lamenting and weeping out loud. A spiritual man, whom we know well and who reported it to us, met him at this time. This man had been very kind to the saint and had consoled him before he even had one brother and continued to do so. He said to him: “What is the matter, brother?” He thought that he was suffering from some infirmity. Blessed Francis answered: “I ought to travel through the whole world, crying and moaning without any false shame over the passion of my Lord!” The man began to cry with him and wept bitterly.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of Perugia - 37

Looking up to heaven and raising his hands, he prayed with intense fervor and devotion, saying: “My God and my all!” And he sobbed out those words with so many tears and kept repeating them with such devout persistence that until matins he said nothing but “My God and my all!”

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis - 2

Brother Bernard of Quintavalle, after he had taken the habit of St. Francis, was very rapt in God by the contemplation of heavenly things.

Thus one time it happened that while he was attending Mass in a church and his whole mind was on God, he became so absorbed and rapt in contemplation that during the Elevation of the Body of Christ he was not at all aware of it and did not kneel down when the others knelt, and he did not draw back his cowl as did the others who were there, but he stayed motionless, without blinking his eyes, gazing straight ahead, from morning until none.

But after none he came back to himself and went through the Place shouting in a voice filled with wonder: “Oh, Brothers! Oh, Brothers! Oh, Brothers! There is no man in all this country, no matter how great and noble he is, who, if he were promised a very beautiful palace full of gold, would not willingly carry a sack full of the most filthy manure in order to obtain heaven, that very noble treasure!”

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis - 28

Once when Brother John was staying in the Place of Mogliano of the Custody of Fermo in the Province of the Marches…when he had proceeded as far as the Preface of the Blessed Virgin, the supernatural illumination and sweet consolation of God’s love increased so much within him that when he reached the Qui pridie he could hardly endure such overwhelming sweetness. Finally, when he came to the Consecration itself and began to pronounce the words of the Consecration over the Host, he kept repeating the first of the formula - Hoc est - Hoc est - very often, and he was unable to go any further. And the reason why he could not go on was that e felt and saw the presence of Christ and of a throng of angels and saints, so that he almost fainted because of their grandeur which he felt in his soul.

St. Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis - 53

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