Crying during mass

So you see, dear friend, you are in good company.

Yeah, coming home can be very emotional.

When I first started going to Mass, I cried at every Mass. After seven years of seeking God everywhere I could think of and not finding Him, I finally knew He was there and had led me to Him in spite of all the prejudices I had about the Catholic Church. I was so happy and amazed and ashamed of myself all at the same time.

It’s wonderful for me to see that I am not alone when shedding tears at mass. At first I was afraid that there was something wrong with me. They were, of course, tears of joy, but still, I felt silly crying in the pew. I’m happy I have company.:crying:

You may be interested in the EWTN Live Edition show on the relics of Mary Magdalene traveling the US. They discussed the gift of tears and how it washes your heart. With relics, there is a gift of tears. There are at least 3 different types of tears: tears of sadness/penance, tears of wisdom, and tears of a saint who are praying for sinners (tears of charity).

Here is a link to the video and audio archive. Go down to Archived Video/Audio to EWTN Live Edition and you will see Mary Magdalene Relic:

Nothing to be ashamed of

  1. You were seeking God
  2. Based on this it sounds like you started with your roots, that’s a good thing
  3. You weren’t subject to knee jerk choices, it doesn’t sound like you were religion shopping.

Even though it may have kept you from the Catholic Church longer than perhaps you would have liked, these are all good things. You shouldn’t religion shop, you should seek God, you should rightfully start with what you know. This is a health way to find your way home! Now that you’re here you’ll have firm roots :slight_smile:

Yes, many many times.

A few times-right around the consecration-but I never know when it will happen.

I just wanted to add, I do cry most of the time when im in mass, knowing how unworthy i truly am to be in front of the living God. When the chalice is put up and i Know my Lord is there i feel his pain his sorrows and his joys, so all this expressed I cant contain my tears since they are a mix of joy and sorrow within my heart and soul


My goodness! I never expected this many responses! It comforts me that this has been as emotional for others as well as with myself. I am grateful that I have returned to the church now I just want to get myself back on track with the structure of the church. Needless to say I am grateful for all of the support that everyone has given to me.

Thanks and God bless,
Lisa :o

Yup, especially if I’m not in a state of grace.

My wife will tell you I’m not the type to wear my heart on my sleeves but, just before I moved out of my parents’ house, I attended a Catholic mass and it brought tears to my eyes.

Fast-forward a few years and my wife and I are in RCIA preparing to join the Church on the Easter Vigil.

I am recently returning to attending Mass again myself. This thread really strikes a chord with me! I have begun going to Mass twice a week. Usually during the Sunday Mass, I am fine, there’s been a time or two that I wondered but…It’s the weekday Mass I attend that really gets me - and I don’t know why. I am unable to receive communion presently, and the weekday Mass is shorter (no singing, fewer attendees, etc.) but we do say the Rosary prior to Mass and the Divine Mercy Chaplet following. I have tried to evaluate what it is about these weekday Masses that are different than the Sunday Mass. I often leave the church with glowing red eyes and barely able to make it to my vehicle before the tears turn to flat out sobs. I can’t even look at the priest as I leave the church, as I’m afraid I will see the questions on his face…I have really thought I am going CRAZY and I’m ashamed at my tears. I can’t even determine what I’m feeling, or what it is that is making my cry. I try to sit as far from other people as possible during the weekday Mass just so I don’t have to look directly at anyone during the sign of peace! I wish I could leave the Mass feeling peace, but instead I leave with a gut wrenching, soul deep feeling of loss or grief (for what I don’t know, but those are the emotions I most closely compare these feelings to.) I recently lost my Dad, and I thought maybe I was allowing myself to grieve at these times, but upon examination, I don’t really grieve for my Dad’s passing. When I think of my Dad and the fact that he is gone, I feel the most incredible feeling of peace - this has been in place since I looked at his recently deceased body (I was 30 miles away and driving like a racecar driver when they called to say he had gone…) I have not felt any loss from his passing, like I say I feel like he has gone to a MUCH better place, and I only feel peace - I only read peace on his face when I “viewed” his body…maybe I am in denial??

Anyway, this feeling at Mass has got me stymied!! I was to the point of not going anymore, since I was sooo embarrassed by my crying, but every week I find myself parked in front of the church, taking a deep breath and in I go…:crying:

I find myself at that point quite often…

See, I have been in RCIA for FOUR years. I am hoping my DH will get off his high horse and begin the process of dealing with his first marriage so that soon, I can be confirmed (Good news…probably at Easter!! WOO HOO!!)…I digress.

I bawled for the first few masses. It’s SO awesome to think about the communion of saints, and to think my Mom is there, but I cannot be a part of it :frowning: It broke my heart. Then, the more I learned, the more I realized that I am in communion with them, and again, more tears.
I cry because many Catholics DON’T understand the gifts they are given at Mass. I cry because Jesus walks among the pews, touching his children, blessing them…and I am one of them. It’s amazing.

I have lost two children in the last year. Both while I was pregnant, both at 19 weeks plus into the pregnancy. It’s been devastating, and I was angry with Him. Then, at Mass one day, I realized that He is bigger than my anger, and He loves me so much that He took my children Home to be with Him. My mom has them, and is caring for them. How blessed am I?!

So, yes, I cry…for many reasons.

I hope to NEVER feel as comforted by my tears as I do at Mass.

God Bless You.

This sounds exactly what I go thru! It is definetly a mystery to me! :confused:

*I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t imagine what you went thru. It reminds me of how grateful I am. Unfortunately a lot of people for granted what they have. I work with people with disabilites and I have seen a lot of heart breaking situations and I have to say that many times I have been thankful to God for what I have. Since I have went back to mass I think that as time moves on it will sink in of how connected we all are to each other and that maybe the reason why we cry is that spiritually we are experiencing everyone’s pain together.

Thanks for your response and God bless.:)*

When I first returned to the Church after an absence of 25 years, I cried at every Mass during the consecration. This continued for four months. It is difficult to describe what I was feeling. Part joy at the beauty of the Mass, part sadness at the realization that I had missed out on it for so many years, and part just an incredibly peaceful and loved feeling.

That was four years ago. Now I occasionally cry at Mass, but it’s usually because I’ve bottled up feelings during the week and whenever I’m in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament my emotions just seem to bubble to the surface.

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