Crystal Cathedral has a new name

Christ Cathedral

I hate to be a downer, but to me this is a little, well… plain? I was hoping there would be an adjective or something attached to it. :confused:

However, I do appreciate the strict Catholicity of the name. :slight_smile:


Will it get new rockets?

I think that the Bishop of the Diocese of Orange was being appropriately respectful of the feelings and beliefs of the former occupants.

Well done Bishop!

Bt because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." John 15:19

Good job, RCBO. You passed another step. Now please, please do not ruin this building with some ill-conceived makeover!

"Christ Cathedral" is pretty much perfect. It gives glory to God. It’s succinct. It’s easy to remember. Thank God you didn’t name the cathedral after an obscure saint or some ridiculous drawn-out name like the “Praise and Light Worship Space of our Sanctifier.”

Again, please Bp. Brown, please respect this edifice when you make changes to it for the celebration of the Mass. Please change it as little as possible. Please don’t feel the need to remake it so that its past becomes obscured. This is a very special building. One that could be ruined by a heavy-handed remodeling.

Amen. This is a very good harbinger of things to come.

I have heard some truly brain-dead comments about this edifice that really give me pause. It’s also clear that those making the suggestions have never set foot inside of it.

Some suggest replacing the glass with stained glass. That wouldn’t be possible for cost and technical reasons yet some actually think it would be a good idea. Even replacing some glass with stained glass is a hideous idea. That’s akin to putting gold plated wire wheels on a new Porsche. The wires might be nice in some applications but they would be a joke on a new Porsche.

I agree with both your points, and also with comments of others that the name is wisely succinct.

An advantage of the name “Christ Cathedral” is that it is so similar to “Crystal Cathedral.” This might help local residents adjust to the name change a little quicker.

I think I can understand what they were trying to do with the name. Think about it:

Christ Cathedral is not all that far from The Crystal Cathedral… :wink: and so they were trying to give some sort of tip of the hat to the previous occupants. Actually a classy move IMO.

And why not some tasteful stained glass? Maybe not in the famous roof, for the structural reasons mentioned, but certainly some of the ground-floor windows could be replaced. It’s a Catholic cathedral now. With the exception of Our Lady of the Angels (about which I am lukewarm as a Church structure) I don’t believe I have seen a Catholic Church of any size without at least some stained glass. It’d be like Paris without the Arc d’Triomphe. Same place, to be sure, but something characteristic would be missing.

Edit in: Gaaah – Dale M ninja’d the same point I was about to make. Well played sir, well played. :stuck_out_tongue: :tiphat:

Catedral de Cristo has a nice Catholic ring to it too, especially in California. Just saying.

Because it would be in bad taste. It wouldn’t look good. It would look silly. It would be like putting gold plated wire wheels, fuzzy dice or snazzy exhaust tips on a brand new Porsche. It’s wrong to suggest physical size is a reason to slap stained glass onto a Catholic cathedral. Have you ever visited the Christ Cathedral campus?

None of the Alta California Missions originally had stained glass. Many, many Catholic parish churches do not have stained glass. Stained glass can be quite beautiful but it can also be quickly out of place.

There are some things that certainly need to be upgraded at Christ Cathedral. The flooring is faded carpet which need to be replaced with something like a nice tiled floor (if acoustics permit.) Kneelers are definitely needed and I would personally prefer pews to the theater seating but I do worry about the drop in seating capacity.

I have heard that the RCBO has offered the remodel engagement to architect Frank Gehry. That concerns me greatly. I hope it’s an unfounded rumor.

That actually would have been very cool… :thumbsup:

I wonder if they will even bother installing confessionals. After all, at Bishop Brown’s current cathedral they offer weekly confession times amounting to a grand total of – well, none, actually. No confession times.

I hope that the central “processional” fountain is retained and upgraded but I suspect it will be trashed… :frowning: I also hope the jumbotron is also retained although I would hope they use it with judicious care.

It will be interesting to see how they treat the giant pipe organ.

What the acquisition signifies is at least as important as the name given it. The win-win is that those who felt disaffected by Rev. Schuller’s ministry might feel compelled to investigate the edifice anew. I mean, even getting strayed Catholics back into the mass is a momentous occasion. If other souls join us, all the better. This is an evangelistic and missionary opportunity that rarely presents itself.

As to the name: Since our Lord, in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity will reside there for the first time, it is perfect.

I find it interesting that if you divide the offered confessional times by the number of people in most dioceses/parishes it often amounts to seconds per person each week. Perhaps the more progressive parishes should give some tips to the more traditional parishes on how to turn their parishioners into saints so they do not have to bother with that pesky reconciliation.

I have a feeling that Bishop Brown will feel right at home in this protestant building.


It’s sad that you have to dump sewage on a wonderful thread like this. :frowning:

It is sad that you call the Truth sewage.

I attend Holy Family Catholic Church in Rockford, Illinois (built in 1974) I don’t think it contains any stained glass windows.:shrug: As for the name the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Chicago is “Holy Name Cathedral” which is kind of direct and to the point, not fancy or drawn out.

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