Crystals and rocks


I found some old crystals and rocks (I’m not even sure what kind or how real some of them are) I collected when I was younger. I think some may have come from a trip to some Caverns we took years ago.
I’m 99% sure no one before me ever use them for any weird occult stuff but I don’t really want them anymore. They’re just clutter and I feel like my scruples (which are so much better now) might be triggered with them around.
So could I give them away to a thrift store? I don’t want them to fall into the hands of someone who does all that occult or new age stuff or who might be tempted to do that. Maybe smash them and scatter them around our rock driveway?


Rocks are rocks. Get rid of them however you like… It’s ultimately not your responsibility if someone uses them for something bad. Same with any other object, really–once it’s out of our hands, it’s out of our hands, and if someone else misuses it, it’s on them.



Thank you, Father!


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