CTC rejects allowing guns in classrooms

CTC rejects allowing guns in classrooms

A push to allow guns in Central Texas College classrooms failed Thursday after board members decided to allow firearms only in vehicles.

The decision came after months of delayed discussions spurred by board member Scott Isdale, who felt officials should allow licensed concealed handgun carriers to bring their weapons to class.

As a compromise, board members agreed to permit students, teachers and visitors to leave their firearms in their vehicles while on campus. The former policy banned people from storing or carrying weapons on the college premises.

The modification did not require a formal vote, but CTC Chancellor Jim Anderson said he will change the written policy to bring it in line with current state laws. Officials will post signs on campus doorways indicating no firearms are allowed inside the buildings.

During an hourlong board workshop meeting, Isdale stated his case for allowing concealed carry at CTC.

Isdale originally asked that members review the college’s weapons policy in March in the wake of the Nov. 5 shooting at Fort Hood, saying he wanted to ensure students and faculty members were as safe as possible while on campus…

According to the Texas Penal Code, licensed concealed handgun carriers are prohibited from bringing their firearms on college campuses, unless an institution adopts its own policy allowing it.

“We’re talking about a group of people who are highly qualified to carry a gun, … not just students carrying around pistols,” said Isdale, adding that banning concealed carry also is a Second Amendment rights issue. “They’re typically law-abiding citizens who are concerned about safety.”

Texas issued 73,090 licenses in fiscal year 2008. The state requires applicants to pass a training course, a criminal background check and be at least 21 years old…


Oh good this tells some wacko don’t shoot in the parking lot wait and go into the classroom where it’s safe and get a large body count. :rolleyes:

At least criminals stealing car radio’s will go down, as they will have their hands full of firearms instead from all the stolen / broken into cars!


If they can get into the trunk a car radio is easy; just break a window.
Most people put their firearms in the trunk went they leave their vehicle.

However this is still a victory for CHL and gun owners we can now take them on campus.

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