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Has anyone seen this. I hope this isn’t another NAB, inclusive translation. cts-online.org.uk/acatalog/info_SC100.html

I just read that it is basically the “Jerusalem Bible” with the Grail Psalms. Good Job!!. Finally another good modern Catholic bible along with the RSV CE. You can order it from the Catholic Truth Society in the UK.:thumbsup:

I may have to look into that one. I pretty much read either Douay-Rheims or Jerusalem anymore. Mosly Douay-Rheims. I sort of lost interest in the New American.

Yes, this is the original Jerusalem Bible translation, but with two important differences:

(i) As mentioned above it uses the ‘Grail’ translation of the Psalms.

(ii) The divine name ‘Yahweh’ is changed to ‘the LORD’ throughout the Old Testament. An improvement in my opinion.

Indeed, this is nice!

But do I truly need another Bible? There are so many sitting on my shelf which I barely touch as it is. I keep turning to my old compact RSV-CE.

Yes, I know what you mean! Same here!

I for one will buy it when I can. I enjoy the Jerusalem Bible, and the changes with the Psalms and the divine name are welcome.

This edition I understand also comes with new commentary notes.

I look forward to it.

The RSV-CE hasn’t sold me yet. Jerusalem Bible so far after Douay-Rheims has been the only ones that feel good to me to use. I still would like to read any version of the Catholic Bible and use version to compare

Two words: BUY IT!

I got it as soon as I could, because I had just bought the original Jerusalem Bible because it is used in the British Lectionary, but then the CTS published this version which matches the lectionary in England and Wales exactly by using the Grail Psalms and the title Lord insteadof Yahweh.

A truly beautiful bible with good maps in the endpapers, great footnotes and cross-references, also great tools such as the tables at the back for weekday and sunday readings so you can look any day of the year up and find its readings. lso a directory of all the readings for the Liturgy of the Hours. Very handy!

A ‘must’ for any Catholic in the age of the dreaded NAB (But even more of a must for us in the UK as its our ‘official’ Bible!)

The compact version is exactly the same as the standard, so you can carry it round quite easily and use it on a daily basis. Comes highly recomended from me, search my posts because I’ve recommended it a fair few times round here. I hope it brings someone else the joy it brings me upon regular reads.


I bought it a couple of months ago and can highly recommend it too. :thumbsup:

on a sidenote the ‘presentation edition’ makes a lovely bible, not even for presentations! real leather and guilt ages, very nice.

How is the print size, and the size of the gutter? Is it easy physically to read?

I am sold on all of the other features…

You may want to contact CTS regarding print size, there was a .pdf sample page on their old site but it appears this is no longer available.

Personally I am comfortable with the print size in the standard edition (the presentation edition is the same size) but the compact edition can be a struggle for the older reader perhaps. I can scan you a page at some point but I’m not at my PC right now.


Maybe this could be the translation used to replace the NAB here in the US. I hope they start selling this in the US.:thumbsup:

CTS sent me the PDF Brochure if anyone would like to see more details about this Bible dont hesitate to PM me with your email address and I can email it to you.


What does the Jerusalem Bible read for the following verses:

Matt 16:18
Luke 1:28
John 6:54-58; 8:58
Romans 7:15-20
1 Cor 6:18a; 10:13; 15:44,49-50
1 Col 1:15-20
1 John 5:16-17

Also, what does the Grail Psalms read for

Psalm 1:1
Psalm 23:1

Thanks to anyone who can help me in this regard.


Psalm 1:1Happy indeed is the man
who follows not the counsel of the wicked,
nor lingers in the way of sinners
nor sits in the company of scorners,

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd;
there is nothing I shall want.

this source came from Athanasian.com

I’m on SSD - I think I know where some of that money is going… But the Standard Edition only - Older person here…

YBIC, Michael

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