Cuban protester arrested live on TV hours after Obama leaves island


Cuban protester arrested live on TV hours after Obama leaves island


After broadcasting Tuesday’s historic baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team, ESPN got a taste of the political reality on the streets of Havana.

As Bob Ley was providing post-game analysis, a protester burst into the frame throwing leaflets, demanding the right to free speech and shouting “down with the Castros”

Within minutes, plain-clothes policemen had packed into him a marked car.

Video: Protester invades SportsCenter in Cuba

“What was amazing was the speed of the police response,” Ley said. “There were three marked cars that came literally out of nowhere.”

Ley said one of the protesters was dragged off by his neck.

The news came just hours after Obama had made an impassioned speech asking the Cuban government to be more open to criticism and refrain from making “arbitrary detentions” of dissidents.

A study in contrasts to the political protests in the US IMO.

This protester might have gotten better US coverage had he worn a T-shirt saying “Cuban Freedom Matters …” or some such (perhaps).

Kind of puts a damper on all the sunshine of brotherhood between the U.S. and "the Cuban PEOPLE … " narrative we’ve been getting.

A sad scene.


I was watching live when that happened. The ESPN reporter Bob Ley was seemly shaken by the whole thing.

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