So I’ve seen this site mentioned alot. What do you all think of it? It looks great, in fact, it looks too good to be true, I’m a bit skeptical, how do they get access to all those relics to turn things into third class relics? How can they get all these rare things and sell them for very good prices? Are they really just that nice? I’m a bit skeptical.

they would only need 1 2nd-class relic to generate an indefinite stream of 3d class relics, IIUC.

A 1st class relic is the body, or part thereof, of a canonized Saint.

A 2d class relic is an object that has touched the 1st-class relic. (Such as bits of the clothing, coffin, etc.)

3d class is any object that has been touched to classes 1 or 2. Again, IIUC.

So, while class 1 is rare, class 2 is more common. Clothing and similar surfaces are easily subdivided. And from one class 2, any number of class 3 could be had.

I’ve never bought from cukierski, but they seem up&up to me.

They have crucifixs they claim were imported from the Holy Land, and touched to 61 relics! Including The Holy Crib, Column of Flagellation of Our Lord, The Cenacle, The Holy Sepulchre and the Santa Casa di Loreta. How can they do that??? I mean, I really like what I see, but it honestly looks to good to be true, and this is a family apostolate?? They must have some excellent contacts.

I’ve purchased from them. No problems at all. They have some really cool items…you can become a sacramentalholic if you frequent the site very much…next time, I think I’m going to try the grab bag!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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