Culpability and TV

I guess reality TV is still quite popular. Since we don’t have cable or satellite, we are spared from the diabolical nonesense that passes for entertainment, nevertheless, we do hear about things from time to time through the news.

It seems a minister, who was on a reality show, has died from a snake bite.

It is fairly widely known that these reality show folks are encouraged to exaggerate or act more extreme than they should, or normally would do, for the purposes of entertainment. I’m certain there have been cases of people actually being directly encouraged to sin as well.

My question is, do you feel as though the producers of these shows should be culpable for the actions that they encourage? How much so? Does the extra element of money complicate things? For example, if a producer asks someone to do something that goes against natural laws, but he offers to pay him for it, does it make it worse? How does fame and money play into culpability?

I am saddened by the antics that are played out on TV. It really is just like the freak shows of old but much worse because the so-called ‘freaks’ may not understand that they are being made fun of. In addition, looking at the reactions regarding the death of the minister from the snake bite, it seems that these shows encourage a feeling of superiority by the audience. The callousness of the remarks reflect that people don’t seem to consider these ‘actors’ worthy of basic human sympathy. I can’t help but wonder if that attitude increases the culpability of the producers and the audience as well. To cheapen a human being to this level goes against God’s teachings, right?

Thank you for your answers.

Dear Lord, YES. Only God knows what will befall them at the end of their lives.
This definitely cheapens life. It’s no wonder that we are country that thinks nothing of taking innocent life.

We do have a tv. We don’t watch these things. I have found that when briefly on through channel hopping, my daughters would react with disgust. That people would lower themselves for a few bucks is nuts. Whether or not these shows are “scripted” makes no difference.
It’s all designed to devalue the person.

Isn’t it a real human flaw, that people in all walks of life fall prey to looking down on others, depending on their own situation. God help us.
Why do people stray so far from God? We can only pray for mercy.
God will handle it in His own good time.
God bless you, friend.

yea, i think your descriptions are correct, and your words bring in the basics humanity verses humility became an actor on a stage; the flaws, script or not, might have the audience …not recognize what baptism is…for lack of a better term…the baptism of the spirit might give a good lens to media as i am impressed with your criticism of reality shows.

Believe it or not, i personally knew one of the members of the very first reality shows, from years back, remember “Kentucky Joe?”

his TV persona was not really off track to his real character and personality though…of course it all looked a bit scripted/been a while to remember the first produced realty TV show-i remember it to be a sort of Gilligan’s island…well that RCIA program must be working very very well for you as you bring the ability to describe and make a critic of media, seems you present ideas through a ‘lens’ -surely, (me thinks) this is your wonderful gift…that can serve God and other souls, thx

Wow, guys, thank you.

I guess the best we can do is to point out the damage done to the individual when we hear folks talk down about a particular reality show person. We can remind them that these people, for whatever reasons, are victims of exploitation and deserve our sympathy rather than our sarcasm.

Disrespect for the dignity of the human person has gradually increased over the last 40 years on TV. I’ve watched it happen and it pains me to see people, for whatever reason, allowing themselves to be exploited.

Human dignity requires human decency.


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