I have a habit that it seems like a confess alot and that is temptations with porn and masturbation. I was praying the rosary continually for awhile and had done some real conquoring. Well Because of habit does that lower my culpability some so that I can regularly take the host so I can get stronger? Or do I have to constantly confess if my grave matter isn’t sinful because of culpability?

With pornography, is it online or magazines? If it is a magazine, you need to cancel your subscription and throw out all materials. If it online, it would be better to take a sledgehammer to your computer than go to hell over this.

Several things here. God is watching you. There are no secrets, and everything that is private will later be public information. Everyone will know every thought and deed we ever had.

With pornography, realize these are human beings, not sex objects. They are somebody’s girlfriends, wives, and daughters. By buying, or participating in, pornography, you are not only placing your own soul in jeopardy but helping perpetuate this immoral but very lucrative business get more victims and spread.

With both masturbation and pornography, I think people feel it is fulfilling some unresolved need. It is turning to these other means, instead of to real relationships. God made us in his image with the gift of sexuality. We must cherish and not misuse it.

Oh yes, and pornography often does hurt relationships, marriages especially. It’s really a form of infidelity. In marriages, it makes the wife put an impossible competition with these perfect, young models.

In a state of mortal sin, one must always go to Confession before receiving the host. The best way to combat and overcome is through the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Could you do an experiment for me, just to see if there is a result…
Find a large open field, a big big wide open space… At least 50 acres big…
Walk out to about the middle saying the Lord’s Prayer out loud as you go…
Just continue praying out loud thinking of each sentence and the meaning of those words
As you go… Then a few Hail Mary. Thinking of those words as you go…
Then any other pray you like… Then when your out in the middle of no where just stop and listen to the silence… When I am troubled ,that’s what I do… And I feel so much better for a few weeks… Could you give it a try, and get back to me with any results…

“Was continually praying the rosary…” If this was helping…why did you stop? Why did you stop seeking the strength and graces you were receiving from this?
This can effect culpability.

Well Because of habit does that lower my culpability some so that I can regularly take the host so I can get stronger?

Or do I have to constantly confess if my grave matter isn’t sinful because of culpability?

Habit (as in addiction) can reduce culpability, but on the other hand, knowledge can increase culpability.

How these two things interplay in your particular case is best discussed with your regular confessor.


No magazine and I don’t buy anything. It’s online. I agree that people are trying to fulfill some need. It is very addictive too. I think many things come from slothfulness too.

I am out in the day and sometimes don’t get time everyday to do the rosary and I was getting away from it and stopped. Through I pray and meditate on the day’s liturgical scriptures.

May I suggest that whatever time is currently taken up with temptation to sin - especially that act of masturbation is time that could be spent praying the rosary?
If you have time to sin (especially a private sin such as this) you have time to pray the rosary or divine mercy.


I would recommend you (or a friend/family member/computer technician) install a porn blocking program on your computer (or other networking device).

If someone else does it and sets up a password it will reduce your temptation/ability to over-ride it.

A priest told me one time that porn pop-ups are not sinful. If something pops up get rid of it and you haven’t sinned. This was my fee will. I went to a site. This all started when I got a email from playboy mag and I peeked. All went downhill from there. I had been granted great graces and was plowing ahead. I forgot to take myself off of the playboy email list :frowning: well that’s taken care of now. I shouldn’t receive anymore from them. I may have to start over again. No email, person, thing, spiritual thing or the devil is at fault. I failed to keep my own lower nature subjegated.

Well I read the mysteries off a computer site and people come in the room and disturb me. That’s not much of an excuse. I do now that I think of it have a pamphlet with the mysteries on it so I can go off by myself and pray. I am also planning to consecrate myself to the Lady of graces! There’s a great site if anyone’s interested. But there’s now no excuse for prayer. Just slothfulness.

Now you’re talkin’…There is no excuse except slothfulness…
So get back into the habit of praying the rosary - and / or the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Make sure your rosary is always in your pocket - near at hand, so that you can easily reach it.

Also - keep in touch with your confessor on these matters.


I admire the steps you’re taking to uproot this evil in your life. Keep pressing on!

God Bless!

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