Cultivation of virtues for the priesthood


How can an aspiring candidate for the seminary cultivate human virtues, chastity, meekness, perseverance, spiritual growth, genuine intellectual curiosity, diligence in study as well as a profound understanding of Vocation? Although I am a weak sinner, I really wish to be formed by God. I really wish to learn about sharing from seminarians and priests as well as observations of laymen.

What makes a good priest and how can I become one? I really wish to start changing myself and strive for perfection - I can’t tolerate my lukewarmness anymore. All I can do is humbly admit my weakness, go to Confession as soon as possible after committing every mortal sin, keep praying, rely on God’s mercy and keep going.

Thank you.


Going to Adoration frequently and having a tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary will help tremendously. Reading the writings of the saints, especially priests, will be a good guideline and will offer good advice.


Frequent Adoration, UNceasing prayer, He > I He must increase I must decrease, do some community service and learn to serve.


Like OsculeturMeOsculo said a tender devotion to Blessed Mother Mary


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