Culture alert: Film about hunting for political conservatives now set for March release

In my opinion, just to make this kind of a movie by “Hollywood” is a culture barometer alert.


Controversial film ‘The Hunt’ gets green light, set for March release after delay

By Nick Givas | Fox News

Universal Pictures has decided to move forward with the release of their controversial film “The Hunt,” after it was pulled from theaters last year following the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. . . .

. . . The movie drew criticism in part because of its level of violence and its politically charged theme. The dark comedy revolves around average Americans who are kidnapped from conservative America, and hunted for sport by pompous, politically correct elitists — often while being called “deplorables.” . . . .

Here is the rationalization line for this abomination:

“‘The Hunt’ is a satirical social thriller intended to entertain and drive conversation, not enrage and divide,” the insider explained.

This from back in August of 2019 . . .

Satirical film ‘The Hunt’ glamorizes the killing of Trump supporters

Aug. 08, 2019 - 3:10 - Guy Benson says even though the film is satirical, the concept of Americans hunting and killing other Americans is not something the public wants to see right now.

The Hunt FoxNews

After what happened in Florida, seems it’s all the rage. Think that’s the right word.


I remember the initial outrage about this film, but honestly I’m kind of curious to see it. I think it’s highly unlikely that a movie with the plot of “hunting Trump supporters” is glamourizing or approving of the idea of hunting human beings. It seems to me more likely that this is a satirical, ‘Modest Proposal’ take on contemporary political division, intended to underscore how dangerous these divisions are and (I expect) have an ultimate message at the end about not vilifying or advocating violence against one’s political opponents.

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When it was first talked about, I read that the ending turned the table on the hunters. Doesn’t sound very “glamorizing” if they get killed.

This police officer (union head) in New York City is saying this (hunting people)
is happening NOW
against our police officers in New York City.

I said they’re hunting us! They’re hunting us!

Here it goes directly to the salient portion (from a Laura Ingraham FoxNews broadcast).



If interested in that whole segment here it is:

Or at this link too.

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This is how they think.

Just remember this when they are accusing YOU of various bigotries, gun-violence, etc.

Projection. And you can see that projection even in ideas like this.


‘The Hunt’ writer defends controversial film as Universal sets new release date: ‘This is not a dangerous movie’

Taryn Ryder

Taryn Ryder

Yahoo MoviesFebruary 11, 2020, 7:44 PM UTC

Six months after canceling its release, Universal and Blumhouse are reintroducing The Hunt . The satiric political thriller, which depicts rich, liberal “elites” kidnapping and hunting conservatives, will now hit theaters on March 13. . . .

. . . The movie was recently screened for a few journalists. In one scene, per Variety , a liberal hunter shoots a man who says, “Climate change is real.” One conservative victim is depicted as "anti-gay,” and another rails about illegal immigrants, talks about the “Deep State,” and fantasizes about going on Hannity to expose a liberal conspiracy. Hilary Swank plays the ringleader of the liberal elites, while GLOW 's Betty Gilpin turns the tables on the killers. Lindelof said they are not worried the film will incite violence against Trump supporters.

"We’re not concerned . . .

I think you are probably right, and I am interested in seeing it myself. It sounds like it’s intended to be a dystopian satire. It’s hard to believe that anybody seriously thinks that anybody in Hollywood is actually advocating that certain people in our society should be hunted. But then I remember taking an English class in which there was a boy who completely failed to understand ‘A Modest Proposal’. He was shocked, appalled, horrified. He was literally open-mouthed. He told the class that he could hardly bring himself to repeat what he had just read. And Swift was a clergyman! He was supposedly sympathetic toward these people? I’m not talking about a young kid here, this would have been in junior or senior year of high school.

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That’s why it’s so important to ensure that people are educated enough to think critically about the genre of what they’re reading, and expose them to a wide variety of genres (e.g. satire vs. investigative reporting vs. pop ‘news’ vs. scholarly research vs. philosophy vs. propaganda vs. fiction… and the complexity of where ‘history’ accounts fit) once they get to an age where it’s reasonable. To just take what we read at face value is to ridiculously over-simplify the world.

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I suppose the magic question, since the movie obviously gets down to one Trump supporter left standing, Hunger Games style, is whether she “wins” or not.

IDK, I can’t see anybody being that interested in the movie except as a cultural artifact. I suppose that could be enough to make it a cult movie.

I predict this movie will flop.

I look forward to seeing it … probably on Netflix.

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