Culture of Life vs. Culture of Death on the Same Street


Opening a pro-life pregnancy center near an abortion center, or even in a former abortion business, is a strategy that is saving lives across the country.

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood turns 100 on Oct. 16, but its influence is waning, thanks to pro-lifers.


Wow! Interesting strategy. I hope many babies are saved by these pro-life pregnancy centers.


I like that idea too, pregnancy help centers…! Anybody know how I can support these centers??? I don’t get out much, but really like this idea…


It is so good in this day and age to see life prevailing in some areas over death. May God bless those working and supporting the pro life movement in various ways. Thanks for posting the link Abyssinia.



If you live near one, donate money!

In Denver, the pregnancy-help clinic has grown into a full-time clinic with a social-worker always on premise (for hard cases of domestic abuse and such), a doctor on premise twice a week, and all the same services as PP except contraception and abortion. It’s about 100 yards from the PP. This pregnancy center has also started a network with two other non-Catholic pregnancy centers. Again, no contraception services. Moreover, they now have a program for women who aren’t abortion-minded, but simply want a companion to mentor them through pregnancy and beyond. Care has expanded to pre and post-natal. They also network with the new women’s family planning clinic (natural family planning.). They have a wall with pictures of babies saved.

And this kind of thing is the reason I’m voting Trump. Naturally, PP wants to see these kinds of places shut down. I believe in CA, a law was passed saying all pregnancy center counsellors must provide name and number of a place women can receive an abortion. If people want to see more of this, then by all means sit out the vote or vote Clinton.


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