I guess I follow one stereotype of a typical American: I don’t have much of a culture-- at all. I was wondering if that, when I get old enough to go to a Catholic Church on my own, will the rite be a type of ‘culture’, per se, for me?


You are mistaken if you think there is no cultural aspect to being “American”.
That IS your culture.

Being a catholic does have cultural significance, yes…but that doesn’t have to wait til you’re old enough to drive if you’re attending Church, CCE, and parish functions.

I’m not sure what you’re asking…can you elaborate a bit?


My parents are Baptists, and are pretty anti-Catholicism, so that’s why I have to wait.


But you do have a culture. You’re just not keenly aware of it because you are entrenched in it. That’s like saying, “I don’t have an accent.” You do have an accent. You have an American accent (or whatever variation thereof). It’s common to think that everything outside of your personal world is exotic in some way, whereas your culture is devoid of such things. America and the Anglosphere have a definite culture and have contributed in large part to the cultural development of the world.

If there’s one thing America is “good” at, it’s the creation of “cultural productions,” that is, music, movies, television shows, etc. That’s culture. It just so happens that in many parts of the world, American cultural productions are extremely wide-spread and widely adopted.


I see. Thanks for the clarification.
So if I understand your question, you mean culture in the sense of an “identity” …aspects of a person or his behavior that one would immediately identify him as being Catholic?
Of course there are obvious ones…like when you see someone make the sign of the cross or praying a rosary, you know he’s Catholic.

But you may not be able to pick a Catholic out of a crowd of strangers…and here’s why:
One of the beautiful things about Catholicism, is that at a Mass, you can see people of all colors, all racial backgrounds, all ages, rich and poor, and all cultural backgrounds. At my parish, in addition to us ‘regular Americans’ (black, white, Hispanic, Asian) you would see people from India, VietNam, Africa…some in the native dress of their home countries…you would see a handyman kneeling beside a wealthy CEO…you would see the Eucharist offered to each of them the same way.
It is a beautiful thing to see them come forward to receive it, and return to their kneeler. That is the picture of one body. And yes, if you become part of that rite, there will be a deep connection to them within you…and that’s what “culture” is.


That was very nicely put, MacQ. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Why thanks!


Actually you do not have to wait, minors in possession of the use of reason may convert without the consent of their parents under canon law.

Source: (see page 5 of 21)


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